Daytona Beach father beats man he found raping son, police say


Is anyone surprised that there won’t be charges?


I would hope there would be no charges, if you are speaking of the father. He did just exactly what he should have done. And if he had killed the pervert I would hope no charges would be filed. These people are animals and as far as I am concerned lost their humanity along with their conscience along the way, or they would not do this stuff.

My only concern now, would be for the son of this man, and that the whole family get counseling in dealing with this. They will need it. The other guy should be locked up for life and the key tossed.


I’m surprised the rapist is still alive. I don’t know if I’d have that much restraint.


Except for the guy who thinks it’s ok to molest 12 year olds in their own homes! You go Dad! :thumbsup:


Praying for the well being of this child.


I hope the son will be able to recover well emotionally. I can’t imagine how much damage that can do to a person.


St Maria Goretti, pray to God for us.

Eternal God, in whom Mercy is endless and the treasury of compassion inexhaustible, look kindly on us and increase your Mercy in us, that in difficult moments we might not despair nor grow despondent, but submit ourselves to Your Holy Will which is Love and Mercy itself. Amen.


Hopefully the pervert learned his lesson


There should absolutely not be charges. This guy is lucky the father didn’t do worse to him.

Prayers for this young man and his family.


Will there be charges if the man is found to be not guilty of raping his son in a court of law? And what then if there is no evidence gathered now?


I suspect it would be highly unlikely for the perv not to be found not guilty. If the police were worth their salt, they would have collected DNA evidence from the boy and that pretty much seals the case.


I cannot say I would have had such restraint.


The perpetrator got a bad case of the whup a@@, that’s for sure. I imagine Dad fixed him up from head to toe so he won’t be perpetrating for a long long time.

I shall pray for the emotional recovery of the child.


He showed a great deal of kindness and restraint in dealing with the perp. May God bless him for showing mercy.


"According to Frolander’s arrest affidavit, police say when they questioned him he admitted sexually battering the child and said, “I’m guilty.” "

He’s admitted to it. You’d hope it will be an open and shut case.


Ok, I missed that bit. But if that confession wasn’t there, would it still be OK?

I think not. Justice is for the courts. Vigilante justice is not good unless there are no courts. Self defense or defense of another person is valid but that stops once the perp is restrained. Arguably emotions can be difficult to control but that can only be a mitigating factor.


Sadly, I would bet the guilty man here once he goes to court over this, wont get that much time, Ive seen it happen before, seems people like to talk tough about child molesters, when it comes time for sentencing, most of them dont get that much time for some reason.


What happens if you have lawyers who twist the facts and have the guilty party plead not guilty and blames the victim for the attack? I read that there was a case where Hillary Clinton defended a rapist who had attacked a 12 year old girl by claiming that it was the child’s fault that she was raped. Why do parents have to go through this type of hell that lawyers such as Hillary Clinton force upon innocent people who have been victimized by criminal rapists? Why is that fair to the child who has been raped and scarred for life and to the parents of the child who are being dragged through hell by these lawyers who will stop at nothing to get their client off the hook?


Vigilante justice is a very serious serious crime. That is why it is so good that the father only did the bare minimum to restrain the perp and then called the police. Until you find yourself in a similar situation there is no way that you can realize the amount of restraint that the father showed.


I am sure I would probably have killed him. I remember a case in California where a father all but killed a guy who broke into his daughters room and was assaulting her. He used a cast-iron skillet. One good reason to keep a skillet like that on hand.

I have zero use for these kind of perverts. And I mean zero!

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