DC Archbishop Defends Catholic Charities Stand on Health Benefits

DC Archbishop Defends Catholic Charities Stand on Health Benefits

“Archbishop Donald W. Wuerl said Tuesday that the decision by Catholic Charities to change its health coverage to avoid offering benefits to same-sex spouses of its workers is justifiable under Catholic teaching as long as the employees are paid a just wage.”

someone linked this in the Social Justice forum above, but it seemed like it belonged here as well.

Does this mean that the Catholics are going to cut health benefits but raise their employees pay? Or are they paying them a ‘just wage’ already, and so the new restrictions on health benefits is fine? I can’t really tell which the Archbishop is saying.

This is actually liberal tolerance at its finest. They have such tolerance for religious groups that they will not allow for an exception to a law so that all parties are happy. They want acceptance from everyone and will not be be happy until everyone accepts their lifestyle. This is why simple gay marriage is not enough for them. Marriage is not what gays want. They want us to accept their lifestyle. I for one will never accept it. Neither should the church. How progressive are we as a nation when intolerance is the basis for tolerance?

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