DC/Baltimore allergy sufferers?


I have a question for you (since it’s been years from when I was there last during the end of May). I can’t find the pollen count history for your area for the end of May, but my family and I will be traveling out there at the end of May this year for my brother’s graduation and we are wondering what the allergies are like at that time (we all have tree and grass allergies). I know in general those pollens will be active then, the question is, how active (or more accurately, how miserable will be when outside)?

Thank you


I have similar allergies. Right now the pollen around here is quite miserable (cars are completely green), and I believe that it is largely tree pollen, so by the end of May, at least that pollen count should be much lower. If my memory serves me correctly, most seasonal allergies are pretty much over by that time. Weather.com usually will give pollen level alerts on days when there are high pollen counts, so as it gets closer, I would just keep an eye on that website
Hope that helps! There is much to see any do around here, I hope you will enjoy your visit


We're deciding between staying with my dad (he lives in rural suburb and rarely puts on the air, so windows are almost always open) or hotel. Moneywise, it would be difficult to stay in a hotel, but our health comes first, so we may have to disappoint family and make our trip shorter if we need a hotel (that's why I'm trying to find the pollen history - a 5 on a scale of 12 is fine, but a 7 is not). This is why I'm looking for a fellow allergy sufferer.


I know weather channel has a pollen meter. You could go on and search.

Also, is your health care provider (insurance) nationwide? Does your hubby or yourself work for a large company? In both cases they usually have a “health line” number and probably could look up the information easily.


I don't live too far from there, and our tree pollen count is off the chart. My poor wife is so medicated that she is walking around like a zombie. I used to get terrible allergies but thankfully have outgrown most of it.

I know this is no help to you. Just wanted to say, "I feel your pain."


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