DC Comics set to release comic about the ‘Second Coming’ of Christ


It sounds like the plot might be not quite orthodox. Jesus has to share an apartment with another superhero.


I have to admit, it does sound like an intriguing concept. I have no expectations about theological orthodoxy though, lol! I just hope they don’t use it as a platform for bashing Catholicism and Christianity in general, but I’m not holding my breath.


I don’t have a good feeling about this and I really don’t think Jesus belongs in a comic book series where he rooms with a hero
named Sun-Man. It sounds like a mockery
of Christianity to me although I am sure there will be many who will find it humorous - those who do not uphold the Christian faith or religion in general.


This was my initial thought. I wonder what their rationale for this was - to increase comic sales? I am hoping so much that they do not make a mockery of Jesus. Hopefully, it will attract young readers to Christianity depending on how they present it? That’s my hope, at least.


Sounds strangely Gnostic.


I just read the summary, and nothing in this remotely resembles any Christian theology.

Did anyone else read the whole thing? Jesus needing to learn what it is to be a savior, God having not let Jesus return for years because he was disappointed at his first attempt, and so on


It’s not stated, but we’lll probably see “Jesus” “tactfully” approve same sex marriage and abortion.


Jesus returns to earth and—surprise—his views match up exactly with the author of the comic book rather than the consensus of 2000 years of Christian teaching.

I feel like this is a project where they are going to rely on the outrage of Christians to be their primary form of advertising. It’s probably best not to give them free publicity.


This deeply concerns me because DC simply can no longer be trusted.



And a big NOOOO


Let them try to bring us down. They will throw themselves against us and our religion, but they will not prevail against God.


I wouldn’t give it that much attention Captain. DC and Marvel know sales of their comics have slowed down tremendously over the years. Merchandising and films/cartoons etc. keep them going far more than the comics nowadays, this is just an attempt to climb on board with edgy humour. DC has tried it before, but at least series like Preacher were redeemed by the writer having an understanding of basic Christian theology and also been able to laugh at themselves as much as everything else.


Why are there two threads mentioning this?


Now, a series on DC heroes dealing with Judgment Day would be quite interesting.


As of late on CAF, we appear to be witnessing the Miracle of the Multiplication of Threads.


Oh they’ve done riffs on that several times. Also, one well-known comic book series used the book of Revelation for quotes in a dystopian future where the heroic figures have either retired or become disillusioned and few of them retain their vigour or moral stance. Usage of Biblical quotes in comics is actually quite common.


Probably going to be a an anti-Catholic pro Gnostic comic. Don’t forget the Church has been under attack since the beginning, Satan hates God’s Holy Church.


I think they are different threads by different OPs. One is this thread. The other is a petition to get DC to stop making the comic.


Of course they’d find a way to disrepect us and mock us. This is literally what every medium does to us.

Stay strong my friends!


I guess if I actually cared about anything DC comics did in about the last 4 decades, I’d be more concerned about this.

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