DC Comics set to release comic about the ‘Second Coming’ of Christ


Their IPs have been used to make some good media outside of comics…

Well, correction, Batman has been used to make some good media outside of comics. There’s Nolan’s Batman trilogy. There’s the Arkham games. Batman has had at least two good TV shows, especially Batman: The Animated Series. Even Teen Titans, Justice League, Justice League: Unlimited, and more recently Young Justice have milked Batman either directly or through Robin.

I guess there’s also Static Shock, but that wasn’t originally with DC*, and even when DC acquired it they, you guessed it, made sure Batman got a few appearances.

* OK, I guess it was indirectly, but the TV show predated DC’s more full integration of Milestone Media’s heroes into the DC universe.


Batman has become a TV and film character to most modern eyes. There are still Batman comics, but many more people just watch the films and leave it at that. When I see Batman, I don’t associate him with a comic.


oh please no


i surely hope this isnt a mockery, and they may portray our religion in a bad light. Hopefully they dont do anything bad…


The cover does not look… uh… respectful.


Why is it Catholicism is always used by others for the laughs? Very cringeworthy to be honest


I think it would be different if it were Muhammad or Moses or others. With 1.3 Billion Catholics in the world, we’re a big target.


It’s not just Catholicism, it’s Christianity in general.

It gets dissed in Western countries because it’s not a minority religion, it’s perceived to be a religion of the persecutors rather than the persecuted, and a whole lot of people grew up having negative experiences with it and don’t feel a need to respect it now.

Many Western people associate Christianity with people who are stupid, hypocritical, bigoted, etc unless the person is a poor member of an oppressed group in which case they figure the person is just being exploited. When/if they happen to meet a Catholic or other Christian who is actually a decent person who tries to live their faith, they don’t really know what box to put that in.

When people find themselves about to die, many will suddenly get more interested in Christianity, thinking “what if it’s somehow true?”


I like Teen Titans Go, especially when they bust on the fans.


The exception to this, both in media and RL, is Black Protestant Churches.
They’re portrayed sympathetically in media, and I’ve seen in the work setting where a Black person professing faith in Jesus publicly is tolerated in a way that White Christians have to be more wary.

Case in point: I was subbing in a Life Skills class (Autistic Support) at a public school, and one of the students started flipping out, yelling, and saying “J— C— this, and J— C— that”.
Her teacher, a Black Christian, told her to sit down, pull herself together and not to be bringing Jesus into this mess.

I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have gotten away with delivering that line :slightly_smiling_face:

But anyway, I’m pleased that there are still work settings where mentioning Jesus doesn’t bring a rebuke.


It’s tolerated only because the person doing it is perceived to be oppressed. Black churches have also become symbolic of the civil rights movement because they supported so much protest and have often been burned by hate groups or had haters go there to commit violence, in the same way synagogues symbolize Jewish people standing against anti-semitism and have been the targets of vandalism or violence. Nobody is thinking of the actual religious practice going on inside these places.


From everything I’ve heard and seen, Teen Titans Go wasn’t a great follow up to the original show. Maybe it got better, but I think Young Justice did a slightly better job of recapturing what made that show great, even if I think Teen Titans is still slightly better.


It was a comedic and snarky re-boot of teen titans.
And then when the original teen titans fans got mad, the writers merely doubled down on the sarcasm and snark.


Been ancient and having lived when dinosaurs troubled the world and cassette Walkmen were cool I find all the takes on the Titans a bit off. I found Young Justice mentioned above to be closer in capturing the tone of what made those comics fun. The Titans TV show I’ve found a bit ‘meh’, filmed a lot of the time in that particular style ‘of we’ve filmed it in the dark cos it looks edgy but it means you can’t see what’s going on properly’. Raven been de-aged yet again was predictable but annoying.


Are you talking about the live action from last year? I haven’t seen that one and sort of forgot that it existed. I just remember seeing a bit of the promotional material and not caring.

I’m not going to complain. I absolutely loved how they handled her in the original show.

And now all this talk of Teen Titans makes me want to go back and watch the original show…And I can buy it all on YouTube…See you all in a couple weeks!


Um, does Steven D. Greydanus know about the upcoming comic?


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