DC Police Officer Wins Lawsuit for Discrimination as Catholic, Marine Veteran


see www.fox5dc.com/news/78014794-story
It started when he prayed before eating one day and crossed himself. His sergeant in the U.S. capital’s police force pointed at him and said, “Look at him. That’s why he’s so weird. He believes in that weido Jesus.” This became a daily nickname for him, and one time they put a picture of the pope by his desk, with the word “weirdo” written over it. Furthermore, because he had been in the marines, the sergeant referred to him psycho and killer. But now he has won in court, and he has been transferred and promoted.


This is an unbelievable story of a man that risks his life to serve his country and this is the thanks he gets?

Personally, I am shocked that other police officers would act like this toward one of their own. So much for brotherhood.

It is sickening that with all that is going on in the world that they are choosing to pick on a Catholic for his beliefs.

May God grant him a better time at his next assignment.


This is not on the nightly news:mad:


There are jerks in every profession.


A Book title to come …

Politically Correct Tolerance: Non-Sequitur, malaprop or oxymoron?


are you mad it is not on the nightly news or trying to make another point? :confused: (I apologize for my confusion)


Odd. Most of the officers on the police forces with whom I’ve worked around the country are Christian, either born-again evangelicals or Catholic, and many are veterans and if not, certainly respectful of military service. Maybe he ran into an anti-Christian, anti-military nut.

It’s really common to see officers with religious tattoos, and St. Michael medals and patches inside their patrol cars. No one ever makes a big deal out of it.


That’s what I thought too, and why I was shocked by this story.


Guess, I am glad I am “Weird” God bless him.


“Forget it, Jake; it’s Washington, DC.”

I work there. I’d never live there and I’d certainly never raise my kids there (not that most people do anyway).


Washington D.C. is the cesspool of the country now.


I am angry because if this was about a priest who abused his position it would lead the nightly news. However because it focuses on discrimination against faith it isn’t even mentioned


You have to wonder if the story was ignored because it is so common that it is not news, or if it was ignored because they think no one cares. Similar discrimination against gays, Muslims, women, or African Americans would get a lot of attention and maybe violent protests.


I think there is more to the story that we are not hearing. I am a retired Marine, and I have a Marine buddy who is a DC cop, and Catholic. I have never heard of anything like this from him. I wonder if this guy doesn’t have other issues, and they just manifested in this way. It doesn’t make it right, but the story doesn’t make much sense to me. From what my buddy tells me, lots of DC cops are former military.


I agree that this sounds very strange, but according to the story, he prevailed in court. This is not just a story about a frivolous suit being filed. Then again, it may be a story about a weirdo judge or jury. :rolleyes: That would not be too unusual today.


The story ended by saying that this officer has been transferred and promoted and is now happily serving in the Third District Detective Unit. So, yes, there are other D.C. cops who are not jerks. I believe the story and so did the jurors.

Now, just a little side note. We heard some yelling outside our home this morning. I looked out the window and saw a police car patrolling the street driving slowly. There was a man walking in the middle of the street in the same direction as the officer was traveling, yelling obscenities at the police officer. The officer just rolled down his window and asked him if there was problem was everything ok. But the man kept on with his insults. What do you do? What could I have done when seeing this? The officer just drove on. It is sad how some people have no respect for police officers in general. There will always be bad apples in every profession, but that does not give us free reign to insult a whole profession of people who are there to serve us.


I don’t doubt the story. What I am saying is that I doubt there is general overall animus against either Marines or Catholics on the DC police force. But at least some cops seem to have harassed him on that basis, so the lawsuit prevailed.


There are good and bad cops, as any good cop will tell you. But I certainly agree that cops as a whole take a lot of nonsense and deserve our respect.


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