DC police: Woman studying to become a Catholic nun charged in newborn son's death

D.C. police have charged a 26-year-old woman studying to becoming a Catholic nun in the death of her newborn son.

Police say Sosefina Amoa gave birth to the boy Oct. 10 in her room at the Little Sisters of the Poor elderly care facility. Afraid the nuns would hear the newborn’s cries and discover she lied about sexual activity, police say Amoa told investigators she smothered him. A day later she and a nun took his body to a hospital.


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Amoa was charged Wednesday with first-degree murder after the death was ruled a homicide by asphyxiation. Her attorney declined to comment on the case Friday.

Something very wrong there, I mean don’t they do any background checking at all :mad:.


Well she might not have done anything bad up until this point.

Seems like the classic infanticide case of the mother being in huge denial/fear of the pregnancy :frowning:

But scary to think someone that fragile would be considered for this order of sisters. The following are two stories about these sisters:

Moved by the poor, sick elderly lining the streets of cities in France, Jeanne Jugan founded the Little Sisters of the Poor in the 19th Century who today serve the poor and the elderly in 31 countries. The story is told that one day when Jugan begged a young man for money, he hit her in the face. She said to the man, “You gave that to me, now give me something for the elderly.”

In true imitation of her community’s foundress, one of the sisters entered the building and asked the policeman at the front, “Can you give something for the poor and the sick today?” As she held out her hand, the man leaned over the counter and spit right in it. The sister calmly put that hand behind her back and putting her other hand forward said, “That was for me. Can you please give something now for the poor and the sick?”

I hope this doesn’t affect donations. My great-aunt lived in a home run by the Little Sisters and it scares me that someone might have done something to hide a mistake or abuse her in any other way.

May Our Lord’s infinite mercy be with all involved. May the little one have unending peace, happiness and joy, and may her mother (and father, whoever he is) be granted the graces they are most in need of. So very sad. There must be so much more to this than meets the eye.

O My Jesus, pardon and mercy, through the merits of your most holy wounds.

This young woman had arrived less than two weeks earlier from Samoa, and it is not known how strict the requirements for becoming a postulant may have been there. Supposedly, neither she nor the Sisters had any idea she was pregnant… which, in itself, raises questions.

A very sad and tragic story all around which requires our prayers.

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