DC restaurant: We've received death threats after Cruz, wife forced out by




More of the tactics of the new Blackshirts.
It’s 1920’s Italy, and now the fascists call themselves Antifa and left wing.


:roll_eyes: Kicking someone out of a restaurant isn’t ipso facto a sign of fascism.

That said, Cruz and his family shouldn’t have been treated the way they were. We’ve lost all sense as a country, along with common decency.


Maybe not, but the trend is growing. And Antifa clearly uses Blackshirt tactics.

Absolutely agree.


The article is unclear on what form these death threats are in, ie are people threatening employees for seating Sen Cruz, or threatening them because they allowed Sen Cruz to be heckled. Either way it’s pathetic, but I am curious which way thy are blowing.


Death threats seem to becoming quite common. I believe Senator Paul just got threatened by his next door neighbor. Or was he assaulted?


I believe he was threatened and physically assaulted by his neighbor last year or so.


It is worth reading the story about Trump Jr. The headline is grossly misleading.

The Rosendale campaign scheduled a rally there but neglected to tell the owner, who was unprepared to accommodate a political rally, and only learned of it when it was publicly announced. The rally was moved.



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