DD Dilemma

Usually when I go out with friends I’m the Designated Driver. I don’t drink and drive at all, but here’s a problem that I’m comfronted with all too often. On Sat Night, I go to a bar with me friends and I drive. We meet other people there and regardless of whether or not their driving, they drink. It might be ok if it’s like 1 beer or something, but that’s beside the point.

Obviously if someone is clearly drunk, I’ll hopefully try to do my best to give them a ride. However, what about the middle ground? Your in a bar for about 3 hours and the person has between 3 and 5 drinks? I realize different people have different tolerance levels, but some people can drink that much and it seems not to effect them 2 much (at least to the naked eye). Is it my problem (morally) if someone decides to approach the fine line between sober and drunk and drive home, and I don’t force them to come with me or at least offer? It’s a clear answer when it’s clear that someone is drunk, but not so clear when they have had their fair share but appear to be sober. Obviously, I don’t want someone to get hurt b/c of a drunk driver, on the other hand i don’t want to get into an unnecessary fight if someone isn’t really drunk. Your thoughts?

Offer your drunk friends a ride. If they will not listen, talk to the bartender. He/she will call them a cab.

That’s good advice. I have no problem doing that with close friends…but like people who aren’t clearly drunk…and you wouldn’t otherwise be talking to them if they weren’t in the same bar…that’s what I’m uncomfortable with…i wish people wouldn’t be stupid and just abstain or take it easy at least :shrug:

*I agree with the above post.

And if someone (anyone) has five drinks over three hours they are incapable of driving. I’m usually one to say stay out of the business of others but this is your business and everyone else who is on the road.

I cannot stand drunks or bad drivers. You have both in a drunk driver. They have NO business behind the wheel. :mad:

This happened on Sat night…i went to confession sat afternoon… and i went to a local pub and I did not drink and drive…I went to a bar on sat night…and two people that i know almost got into a fight…over a girl…the girl and the one kid got thrown out of the bar…i’m assuming they had driven there…they both had their fair share but weren’t stumbling around or anything and they left…and the other kid also drove and he had his fair share…Now I probably could’ve offered one or both a ride but considering the fact they were about to throw down…

Now I feel like i’ve done something wrong and i have to go to confession again before Mass next week…which i don’t really want to right away if i don’t have to…i tend to be scrupulous at times as well…what I’m really getting at here is that the sad reality is that people drink and drive…I don’t (at least not anymore) but some people do…So now i want to know if i go out somewhere and i see someone (not just friends) who’s drinking but isn’t showing any signs of being drunk (i.e. slurred speech, stumbling around, etc…) Is the onus on me to get them to force their keys over and alert the bartender?

Drunk drivers are killers on a random course of death. Maybe not tonight, but on some night they will kill someone. You, know this because you know they are drunk. You are not the cop’s, but you have a cell phone. Friends don’t accept to being an accessory to a Drunk driving death to keep a friend who is a random drunk killer. Chose better friends, call the cops. Man up and do the right thing for the innocent person who is driving on a course that may kill them, because of your lack of participation in stopping a drunk driver.

The main activity of the volunteer firefighters where I live is dealing with car wrecks. Some of these wrecks involve drunks and some of the wrecks involve death. Ever see the life drain out of a human being?

I for one will gladly let you know that I would whole heartedly support your call to the police. It is the policeman’s job to check into such reports. The worst thing that will happen is that the driver and occupants of the car will be inconvenienced by the loss of a little time if they are not drunk. The best thing that will happen is that they and possibly others will end up eating breakfast the next morning.

God bless

I completely agree with what all of you are saying…for me it’s just a matter of distinguishing b/t someone who has had too much or had a few drinks is where it gets fuzzy. In the latter case, I would be calling the cops every-time i go to a bar, when someone drives has a few and drives home when the person may not be 0.08% and they still have all their senses in tact. Bars are supposed to enforce this kinda thing but they don’t.

Yesterday afternoon I heard some of the young women (that work at the pool) talk about the party they were having. All the women were over 21. I took the time to tell them how I pull dead people out of cars and that I did not want to hear about them getting pulled out of a car. They have planned to have everyone spend the night at the house were the party is taking place. That is a good idea.

Bars are supposed to do so, but each bar is staffed by a fallible human(s). We each have our own weaknesses. A lot of people simply do not want to get involved. It is good that you are asking such questions of yourself and how to deal with the questions.

God bless

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