“The National Secular Society in England has launched an initiative to request a certificate of de-baptism. So far they say that 100,000 Brits have downloaded the document from the Internet, disgusted by the idea of being called a Christian. Some are calling baptism “a form of child abuse”, as if the gift of faith we equivalent to the atrocious situations of violence in the home that we all know so well.”

Wake up call to all of us Catholics to pray more.


If they are “disgusted by the idea of being called a Christian” then they are simply Apostates and the Scriptures say that there will be many of them.

It’s not supprising that this is beginning where it is. They have a valid Baptism, but then no other Sacraments to support them through life. They have no Sacramental means of reconciling themselves to God, no Sacramental means of feeding themselves on the Eucharist, no Sacramental means of Confirming themselves in the faith, no Sacramental means of supporting themselves when sick or in danger of death, when the attacks of satan are greatest.


Since they are obviously apostates, aren’t they automatically excommunicated? The “de-baptism” would be redundent.

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