De Montfort's "little chains"


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if you’ve read the book True Devotion, you know St Louis de Montfort advises everyone who made the Total Consecration to wear the ‘little chain’. This is completely optional, of course.

But I was wondering, does anyone here do this?

What do you think of it? is it a good idea?

and where would you get one.

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(I’m still undecided myself)


The little chain is an outward sign to remind us of the bonds of sin. As far as I understand it should be an small iron chain (jewellery size but not of silver or gold otherwise it would just be an adornment). It can be worn around the arm or neck for example.



What I did was start wearing a chain necklace with a Miraculous Medal – that way I singularly fulfilled the “requirements” of both the Montfortian and Militia Imaculata devotions. So, I technically cheated! :wink:

I think, though, that de Montfort is literally asking us to (optionally) wear an iron chain! So much for looking fashionable. :rolleyes:

Seriously, though, if you want to be as literal as I’m sure de Montfort intended, you could go to your local hardware store and buy a length of actual chain with small, unwelded links, pry two links apart, and connect them like a bracelet, anklet, or necklace.

Another option, though, which is much less literal and a bit more fashionable, is to Google “chain link necklace” and see if you find something which you like. I’m sure if *you * (being a woman) bought a man’s chain link necklace (or whatever) then that would probably be just as penitential as wearing a piece of logging chain. :smiley:


I will admit that this idea of wearing a chain is one element of St. Louis de Montfort’s True Devotion with which I had difficulty. I think part of it is cultural difference when it comes to understanding the love God has for each of us. I prefer focusing on blessings, rather than allow myself to be guilt ridden. I know that we are called to be servants, but I have an aversion to being a slave. Did Jesus not tell his Apostles, “I call you friend, for the slave does not know what his master is about”? I’m also not into punk.
That being said, I also read The Secret of the Rosary. I had always been taught not to wear the rosary as a necklace. St. Louis de Montfort counters this as being elitist. We know that the rosary is the scourge of Satan and he hates when God’s children show their devotion to our Lady through the recitation of the rosary.
Instead of a literal chain, I would wear a rosary or Miraculous Medal, as another poster has already stated. The purpose of the chain is to show to whom we belong. The rosary or Miraculous Medal would do exactly that when worn as sacramentals. You could get a rosary that has the Miraculous Medal on it. It could be worn under clothing, if like me you are self conscious about wearing a rosary. I have never heard objections to wearing a rosary bracelet. My problem with the rosary bracelet, however, is that they tend to get in the way of what I am trying to do.


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Interesting! I’ll have to remember this next time I hear people arguing about wearing rosaries: Does the anatomical part matter?

I like Fr. Benedict Groeschel’s answer to people calling in to complain about children wearing rosaries around their necks: “They could wear a lot worse.” Love it! The Blessed Mother wants to be seen and known and loved. The details don’t matter.


I don’t think there’s anything wrong with wearing a rosary as long as it’s for a spiritual reason, not like jewellery. I don’t think it’s right when non Catholics wear it as a necklace… but I know some people who wear a rosary (hidden under clothing) and I think that’s a cool idea :slight_smile:


A interesting sidebar from a book I read, Gates of the Alamo by Tom Wilkerson.
Although the book is historical fiction, he included a bibliography of his research. Santa Anna’s army wore their rosaries on their hats, like hatbands. Peasants, like children, often do not have pockets in their clothes.
As a child, I know what types of items I did keep in my pockets–everything.

It does not bother me at all when non-Catholics wear rosaries as an expression of their faith in Jesus Christ, even if they do not (yet) know its use for prayer, including the chaplet of Divine Mercy. There was an interesting article in Time a few years back about how non-Catholics were beginning to pray the rosary even as many Catholics were discontinuing the practice. Quoting Louis De Montfort, “If a sinner should begin to pray the rosary, he will stop one or the other–sinning or praying the rosary” (Secret of The Rosary)


if they’re wearing it to express their faith, that’s perfectly fine of course :slight_smile:
but you know how recently it has become a sort of a fashionable “trend”, and some people who don’t care about all about God or Our Lady wear it? I think there’s a store…Aldo?? that started selling rosary-like necklaces.


I'm making my consecration this January 1st and I really want to wear little chains of iron just like St. Lous de Montfort recommends so strongly in True Devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary. I need help on how to do it. Has anyone done this? And how?
Please help, I'm really serious, just not of the "hardware store" mind set!:)


I noticed this on the Franciscan University bookstore online store: Little Chains



Thank you so much!
It looks exactly like what I was looking for!
God Bless You,


My recommendation would be to go to the jewelry making section at Michael’s Craft Store or Hobby Lobby or Jo Ann’s. I buy chain there to make necklaces and bracelets and the styles range from delicate to masculine. :slight_smile:


Another resource -


Thank you very much for your excellent suggestions.
Verbum Caro, you really got it on the mark, this chain is perfect and really touches my heart and my spirituality.
God Bless:)


[quote="Monica4316, post:1, topic:159546"]
Hi :)
:) Yes, I wear one. It is a good idea. I wear it on my wrist, so I see it often and it reminds me of my devotion. My priest wears one, too. I didnt know where to find one, so I bought a chain necklace at Walmart for $12 (sterling) and made it smaller by removing links. I didn't know it should be iron. I get a rash from other metals anyway.
God bless

if you've read the book True Devotion, you know St Louis de Montfort advises everyone who made the Total Consecration to wear the 'little chain'. This is completely optional, of course.

But I was wondering, does anyone here do this?

What do you think of it? is it a good idea?

and where would you get one.

thanks :)

(I'm still undecided myself)



I am not sure how this works. I am trying to reply to all.

Yes, I suggest that if you want and are consecrated to Our Lady, that you wear a “little chain”. I think it should stand out seperately from any other medals worn. I wear mine on my wrist so that I see it often and am reminded of my devotion and status of slave. My priest also wears his on his wrist.
I did not know that it is suggested that the chain be made of iron. I bought a sterling silver necklace at Walmart and made it smaller by removing the links. Easy. Only $12. I think that iron would turn my wrist black. I don’t know. I am allergic to some metals.
It is a good idea to try your hardware store. I know that you can by chain by the foot in different sizes of link. I am going to look into it since I want to start supplying penitential items to needy souls. My priest is willing to bless these items also. I will be making hairshirts and penance rope belts, often known as St. Joseph Cord or Chastity belts, available in different textured ropes or cords, depending on the level of penance desired.
Inquiries welcome @


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