DEA agents raid three NFL teams after Sunday games


The Drug Enforcement Agency raided the medical staff of the San Francisco 49ers, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Seattle Seahawks yesterday to request documentation of all controlled substances in their possession and to confirm necessary licenses to practice medicine in the teams’ home states.

DEA Investigations started in May after a lawsuit was filed by former NFL players alleging disregard for their physical health and withholding information about the extent and seriousness of injuries while handing out prescription painkiller and anti-inflammatory to mask those injuries.

No arrests were made.


Next we need a search warrant to find the Chicago Bears defense. Apparently they were found in time for yesterday’s second half, but have been held at an undisclosed location for much of the season.


This kind of Govt harassment will continue until the Redskins change their name




It would seem more appropriate to just change the art from Amerindian profiles to potatoes.

I just love mashed potatoes.


The Washington Spuds?

or, the Washington Taterskins?


Or till the Washington Redskin fans who say they are 1/80th Cherokee will just admit that they are white Anglo Saxon. :smiley:


Must be a good hiding place. The Eagles defense was using it yesterday, as well. :eek:



Think about this:

DEA checked on the road teams, because docs can’t prescribe/dispense outside their geographic boundaries.

Therefore, the home team’s docs *can *dispense powerful painkillers.

Which means there’s a whole 'nother “home field advantage” to consider…:smiley:




Home field advantage, or home dealer advantage? :eek: :smiley:



Or until these three teams cover their point spreads.


Well, since the DEA has solved all the problems with the Mexican drug cartels bringing illegal drugs across our borders, what else are the govt agents going to do to occupy their time??? Here is another fine example of government overreach.




It simply isn’t reasonable to expect the DEA to oppose the drug cartels. Those people are dangerous and armed! A visiting NFL franchise is a much safer target. It is important to protect the American people from receiving painkillers outside of their geographic area if they are in the NFL and vital to the on-field success of their team. We have fantasy players counting on this type of top-notch government crack-down.

The only ones hurt by the rest of the drug trade are marginal already.


Meanwhile…the NFL has become part of the judicial system now. They have decided they didn’t like the punishment the court handed down on a football player, so now they are imposing sentences!:whacky:


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