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I am new around here and will be brief. I have read some wonderful pieces on discernment of the permanent diaconate and feel pretty well informed to start my path in that regard. As a military man, I look for details. I have several questions such as, how long is the training, how intense, do I need a philosophy degree or theology degree if so how high? What role does my wife play in this other than saying yes or no and the usual stand by your man etc? I know I will get a lot of “well its up to your diocese”. Frankly if I hear that one more time I may forget the whole process all together due to a lack of communication. I get no answers from the clergy as if I had a giant black mark on me. Will someone please tell me the process of becoming a deacon in the Diocese of Harrisburg in great detail? Seriously this may sound foolish but I need it broken down Barney style with a lot of if thens phase lines and the times of “you could do everything right and not move on” and the “you could do everything wrong and still move on” I have asked Permanent Deacons in training and they either A) Don’t have time or B) are ambiguous like it is a secret society or C) It up to your diocese. As you can see I am getting frustrated. Yes I pray and yes I know fully God will take care of me, but sometimes God takes care of you by giving you the ability to flap your arms and say HELP ME OVER HERE!!! BTW my anticipation is that no one will reply on this thread.


Hero is the man that you need to get a hold of.

He should be able to answer your questions in great detail.

God bless you in your discernment!

Note that humbly conforming to the will of God while releasing ones own will is a big part of the movement toward Holy Orders.


Of course, it is all up to your bishop. I can only speak from general knowledge.

Several years.

how intense?

Very intense, as it should be.

do I need a philosophy degree or theology degree, if so how high?

Generally, no.

What role does my wife play in this other than saying yes or no and the usual stand by your man etc?

Wives are very heavily involved.


Thanks that is exactly the format I was looking for. I didn’t want to jump straight to Fr. LV because I figured there was a chain of command but I guess this is the path. VICTORY!


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