Deacon/doctor, infectious disease specialist on Corona virus

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Thanks for posting. I liked this part.

“We have to forgo handshakes, hugs, kisses on the cheek and other signs of affection which we love so much. Instead, we have to adapt and smile twice as wide and our affection has to be shown in the wrinkles in our eyes when we smile more.”

On a side note how on earth is someone a doctor and a deacon? Dude must have a busy schedule!


Probably the same way I am a lawyer and a Deacon. Quite a few of us have professional careers.

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Oh I know. It’s just that a doctor has such a full schedule. Lawyer too. God bless you guys for the work you do.


In our diocese, we have a deacon who has both the J.D. (civil law) and a J.C.L. (canon law). He is very useful!

Most deacons I know, that aren’t retired, are active professionals. :wink:

We have doctors, lawyers, dentists, engineers, airline pilots, police detectives and dozens of other professions. We joke that our Diaconate community could form a successful aerospace corporation if we weren’t focused on serving the community.

I suspect many people don’t realize what deacons often juggle since most are humble and just figure out how to do what God asks.

I’ve never met a permanent deacon under the age of retirement that does not have a career either inside or outside of the Church. Families have to eat ya know. Wives need clothes, kids need college tuition.

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