Deacon giving bad advice to relative, what should I do?

Police doesn’t mean “removing the splinter from the other’s eye”.

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To police (in this context), I mean:

to supervise the operation, execution, or administration of to prevent or detect and prosecute violations of rules or regulations


It sounds too administrative; not enough charity. Policing can cause more harm than good.

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You are incorrect. If the Catholic’s “spouse” was previously married, the Catholic cannot marry them until an annulment has been granted. The spouse, if even if not Catholic, would have to apply to the marriage tribunal to see if there are grounds for an annulment.

They could agree to abstain from sexual relations which would allow them to resume receiving the sacraments after going to confession…

Have them go to Father and do what he says.


What was this thread about again?

Oh yeah, arguing and disputes!


no, not a Catholic. He isn’t even Baptized.

No entirely true. There are many cases where it may not be true at all.
OP, your sibling is an adult. It is their business, not yours. Please do not interfere.

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I’ve decided to let it go. Even if I know someone is in the state of mortal sin it is not my place to tell them they can’t go to communion.


Amen. This is great advice for everyone. Also, a good thing to remember is that we can never really be 100% certain that someone else is in a state of mortal sin - that, too, is not our call to make.


And all of these contradictory posts are the reason that the OP, given the opportunity, should suggest that the sibling go and talk to the parish priest to get the right answers. It doesn’t mean run to the sibling to discuss it, but if the sibling brings it up again.

Please do not just let it go. This is your sibling. Helping them know and understand the truth is a spiritual work of mercy. It sounds like the Deacon is likely giving bad advice or dancing around the edges of truth. Please reconsider and help your sibling learn the truth.

My prayers are with you and your sibling.


We’re they married in Catholic Church? If so good premarital counseling by the priest should have caught that. That’d be egg on the Church and the priest.

no, they were not married in the church.

he’s a prime example of the influence of the 60s in the church.

I’m not going to bring it up. If they mention it again I will tell them to consult our priest, who I know is very orthodox.


That sounds very wise. :slight_smile:

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