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Hello. This may or may not seem like a very commonly asked question with a rather simple answer but i looked and couldn’t find one that answered it to the effect I wished.

What are the living conditions for a deacon? I am strongly considering becoming a deacon but I really want my living style to be suitable for a wife. Do they usually get a second job or is a house provided by the church? I’d like a response about living conditions from first a deacon. And if possible I’d also like input from a deacon’s wife.

I’m sure the conditions are fine, but I want to know exactly that this is what I want :). Thanks in advance.

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As a rule, Deacons are not compensated for their ministry. There may be mileage reimbursements and clothing allowances for vestments. Deacons are often retired or usually work at their own job (within or out of the church) in addition to performing their ministries. Your residence would be the one you have now etc.

If a Deacon worked as a DRE or Pastoral Associate, that would be in addition to their duties as a Deacon and not part of their ministry.


it depends on the diocese, on the position the deacon holds and other factors. In this diocese most deacons are essentially volunteers who keep their “day job” to support their families. They usually get a stipend of some kind from the parish they serve, and get whatever donations people make for weddings, funerals or baptisms at which they officiate. Some deacons do have full time paid jobs with the diocese, parish, or other institution. One of our deacons heads up the lay ministry institute, at least 2 are DREs in parishes. I know of none who has a house provided by the parish.

The situation may be different in other dioceses. the new class of candidates had to be between 35 and 55 when they began their training, their wives have to be 100% supportive and participate to some extent in their preparation and have their own meetings. They have to have jobs to support their families. I suppose if a wife earned enough on her own he could do this full time. Most of the deacons functioning here now are already past retirement age, and some in failing health, but some put in 40 hour work weeks and get paid nothing beyond those stipends.


If you don't mind me asking are you already married or considering the possibility of a marriage as your future vocation?



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