Deacons and Holy Water

I’m confused as to whether deacons cal validly “make” holy water. I know that they can clearly do this within the Rite of Baptism, but in another thread there is a comment that that is the only time when a deacon can do so. On the other hand, I have heard deacons in my diocese refer to their having blessed holy water when the church fonts ran low, or for use in their fonts at home. I know that deacons can bless sacramentals, and I thought that holy water was certainly a sacramental. Is there a clear rule on this?

I made that comment. That is what my priest told me.

Deacons can in fact bless holy water outside the rite of Baptism as described in The Book of Blessings 1390 “But when the blessing of water takes place outside Mass, the rite given here may be used by a priest or deacon.” Deacons can even impart a blessing on people!:smiley:

ROMAN CHURCH deacons can. Deacons of the Eastern Churches in union with Rome may not.

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