Deacons, how did you hear the call?

I know we have a few deacons on this forum. Those who are married deacons, did you feel the vocational calling to the Deaconate after you were married? Before marriage? During dating? Obviously once you are ordained you can’t be married unless you were already married so the marriage must come first. So did you feel a call but put it on hold to be married or did the calling come after marriage?

If we have non-married permanent Deacons, how did you feel you were called to the Deaconate as opposed to the priesthood?

Thank you very much for any answers people, hopefully Deacons may have!


I hope they answer, too.

Mrs Cloisters OP
Lay Dominican

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Well after I was married with 4 children. In fact my wife was one of the first people to encourage my application for the diaconate.


I had been married for a long time before I recognized God’s call. My kids were all grown before I started formation.

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Married for about 10 years with three kids when I felt the call. Never had thought about it before. My discernment lasted around 6 years until I was in a place where I could even apply to a diaconate program.

I was one of the youngest in my class. In fact, I was one of three men in formation whose wives actually had a baby during our years of formation!

So for me, the call definitely came after marriage…

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