Deacons outside of Solemn Mass

Coming from a parish with one indult Mass, a solitary priest, and no deacon(s), I’ve never been able to assist at a Solemn Mass. However, I’ve always wondered, since all the breakdowns I’ve seen indicate no diaconal role below the level of Solemn Mass, whether it is possible for a deacon to serve as such in a Low or Sung Mass. Do the rubrics foresee any possibility of a deacon at these Masses, or would he be relegated to acolyte at best?

I don’t think so thoguh the “semi-solemn rite” was one of the desirabilities of the Liturgical Movement. There is the other way-Mass without a deacon, only a subdeacon- which follows the pattern of the Sung Mass with a few alterations. I think it (Mass with only a deacon) started for the first time in 1957 (Decree, February 1) for Holy Week and sometimes in the late 1960’s was given a expanded permission.

Thanks, AJV. I guess if a permanent deacon wanted to be of any (liturgical) use to an indult parish he’d have to get a cleric buddy on board with him!

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