Deacons receiving Holy Communion

Sometime ago I seem to recall reading that deacons should not consume from the Chalice, even though they have been presented it from the priest/bishop celebrant, until they have distributed it to all other communicants. That is, they are the last to receive from the Chalice. I remember being surprised by this and was wondering if any of the members of this forum can tell me if they have come across this and if so what the source is. On the other hand, perhaps dementia is setting in!

No, the clergy always receive before the people, Deacon included.

GIRM 182. After the priest’s Communion, the deacon receives Communion under both kinds from the priest himself and then assists the priest in distributing Communion to the people. If Communion is given under both kinds, the deacon himself administers the chalice to the communicants; and, when the distribution is completed, he immediately and reverently consumes at the altar all of the Blood of Christ that remains, assisted if necessary by other deacons and priests.

The highlighted red “and then” clearly states that the Deacon receives before the people. Its also his function to consume the Precious Blood if any is left after the faithful has received.

This seems strange because there is almost always never any left. Maybe you have mistaken the deacons function of purifying the vessels after communion.

My experience shows only the Deacon and priest/bishop receive the PB from the chalice. The congregation receives from cups prepared along side the chalice.

I think that the GIRM and posters in this thread are using the broader definition of “chalice,” and did not intend to distinguish between the main chalice and the adjacent cups.

Aren’t the adjacent ‘cups’ also chalices? Aren’t we supposed to use only chalices, possibly with the priest’s chalice more elaborate? In our parish we use two and they are identical.


[105.] If one chalice is not sufficient for Communion to be distributed under both kinds to the Priest concelebrants or Christ’s faithful, there is no reason why the Priest celebrant should not use several chalices.[193] For it is to be remembered that all Priests in celebrating Holy Mass are bound to receive Communion under both kinds. It is praiseworthy, by reason of the sign value, to use a main chalice of larger dimensions, together with smaller chalices.

I know of no rule against the use of the “main” chalice to distribute the Precious Blood to the laity.

Depends on the parish, I guess. Only one place have I seen the main chalice reserved exclusively to the priest and his concelebrants and in that one they use glass goblets for the assembly.

There isn’t any.

glass goblets? there is definitely a rule against that.

was this in the LA archdiocese?

No, it’s in Canada at what was the Cathedral parish until diocese boundaries were redrawn.

It was original invisoned that the main chalice would be used to distribute the presious blood to the laity. By neccessity there are multiple chalices. This is an example of how a practice some how becomes a fact in the mind of the faithful, evenn if wrong.
The deacon by the way is the ordinary minister of the cup

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