does anyone know if deacons get paid, or is it strickly volunteer. thankyou


[quote=dal11]does anyone know if deacons get paid, or is it strickly volunteer.

I’ve heard rumors that there are some deacons somewhere who do get paid, but the vast, vast majority do not.


Since my brother is a deacon, I know there is no pay, but they can be reimbursed for travel and other expenses. I’m not sure what he may receive now, as he is the ‘Director of the Deaconite’ in his diocese.

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it depends entirely on his job, whether he works for a parish, what his duties are etc. If he has a regular job like DRE, Catholic school teacher, hospital chaplain, holds a diocesan position etc. he is paid whatever the going rate is for that job in the diocese, or what he negotiates with his employer. If he is sent by a parish for diaconate formation and ordained to serve his home parish, he may be a volunteer. Incindentally, it is the same with religious sisters or brothers. Those who are members of religious orders may be required to turn over their earnings to their order in return for having living expenses paid for.


[quote=dal11]does anyone know if deacons get paid, or is it strickly volunteer. thankyou

Are you speaking of the Permanent Diaconate and their offical duties within the Diocese? ordinarily, this is an unpaid vocation. In fact, one of the requirements to be considered for the permanent diaconate is financial stability. This is why most of the deacons you see are older gentlemen. However, if the deacon also functions as a member of the parish or diocesean offices in a paid capacity, such as being a school teacher, or possibily within the tribunal office, it may be in a paid capacity. This however, is in addition to his responsibilities as a deacon.


I am applying for the Permant Diaconate here in the Diocese of Evansville this year. I figure that at age 36 I will most likely be passed over, and I am fine with that. I get the feeling of “jumping off the bridge” when I consider what kind of commitment is made when one is “ordained” a Permenant Deacon. Besides, I probably don’t have what it takes upstairs to finish the four years of academic studies.

As for the pay, I don’t plan to give up my “day job” or anything. The vocation of Permenant Deacon offers no monitary compensation. BUT…I hear the “retirement” is out of this world! (aka Heaven).

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