Dead and dying!

If God did not make or create death who did any when.If death only came with the Fall then there were no Dinosaurs before humans or else they lived for millions of years and did not die before but become extinct immediately after the Fall - any comments - twinc

The Fall resulted in the death for Humans, both physically and spiritually. Clearly there must have been death for others, to eat Adam and Eve had to “kill” the plants, and its likely animals ate each other too.

Jesus had no original sin and He still died, because He was killed.

Jesus died for our sins,or else He could not have died “for He who was sinless was made sin for us”.Not just humans fell with Adam but the whole of creation.Animals were created as herbivores and did not eat each other,Nature only became red in tooth and claw after the Fall.Plants and especially the fruits of plants can be eaten without the plant dying - twinc

made sin means sin offering, Man was an herbivore, nothing says other animals did not eat meat.

Do you really believe that humans are born vegans?

Genesis suggests before Noah man did not eat meat, God only gave Adam herbs and fruit and stuff to eat, God gave Noah meat.

of course God gave Noah meat and also meat to the animals[Gen9:3] but this was way,way after the Fall and when most of the fruit and veg had been destroyed by the flood but meat was available on the Ark.Before the fall not just man but all animals were herbivores[Gen 1:29-30],that is wht man survived and increased and multiplied without fear of being killed and eaten - twinc

Are you sure about that? But what about the obviously carnivorous dinosaur teeth as seen in fossils?

Certain for T-Rex was a herbivore.Big teeth does not connote carnivore for most other carnivores do not have such big teeth which are needed to snap heavy and dense foliage etc - twinc


how about the last laugh - those who come to mock and sneer and jeer stay on to pray - twinc

Earthly life was meant to end…but not in death. Animals died before the fall but the essence of all earthly life is one in man. If this were not true God would not have waited to see what Adam called the animals and Adam could not call them by name. The end of animal life on earth is man and the end of man is God. Animal life fulfills it’s end in man. Everything God creates He creates to return to Him and all earthly life returns to God through man. This relationship between animals, man and God in the beginning formed the natural law and th laws of nature. This being so the presence of man in the sight of animals was like God in the sight of man.

Before the fall earthly life ended but not in death. For man the seperation of body and soul is unatural. A condition natural to animal life and a condition that hides the immortal soul from the sight of animal and man.

For animals life ended in unfallen man not in death, because in man they return to God. When man sinned the nature of relationship with earthly life changed. Man lost the nature that distinguished him. The image of God made visible to earthly life was lost. The former dignity that man possessed and the animals respected naturally, was no linger experienced by the animals .When man sinned death entered the world and all creation groans in waiting for the sons of God to be revealed.

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