Dead Fetus Found In Teen's Bag By Security Guard At Herald Square Victoria's Secret: Police


How is a baby that’s been born still a fetus?


That is really sad. The article said the girl suffered from a miscarriage. That said, the article uses the words “fetus” and “baby” in two instances to describe the child.


I agree, it is sad. The girl claims she had a miscarriage but the medical examiner hasn’t determined the cause of death or whether it was born alive or not.


Liberals who support abortion like to use all sorts of words to distance themselves from the guilt of supporting the slaughter of babies. One of the main ones is “choice”. “I’m not for abortion. I’m for choice.” they blithely say as if none of the choices is abortion. Then they pretend a baby in the womb isn’t a baby. They have all sorts of names for babies. I’ve even heard them referred to as “a lump of tissue”. Even the term abortion itself is glossed over as “women’s health.”


How sad finding a baby in a bag of all places.
May the baby rest in peace and perpetual light shing upon him/her


I agree with your statement in general, but I cannot accept that “fetus” is always used as a way to dehumanize the child. A doctor will refer to a postembryonic child in the womb as a fetus when discussing or writing about the child in a medical context, and if a miscarriage occurs before a set period, will call the dead child a “fetus” still (usually after about 20 weeks, they call such unfortunate events “stillbirths” and “infants”).

Just as “baby” has a specific meaning in addition to its general meaning, so to does “fetus” in referring to a certain stage of human development. There is not necessarily any denial of humanity in using such terminology, although it does sound cold and clinical to us (and obgyns usually say “baby” to their expectant mothers).


In another article where they use Fetus, and Baby interchangedly. The girl says she was six months pregnant when she delivered. At six months the term Fetus is appropriate, as is the title baby.

Last I heard Bed-Stuy had 911 service.


very tramatic for the girl if it was a miscarrage.


Agreed. To get her mind off the death she decided to steal sexy underwear while carrying the dead baby in her handbag…


everyone deals with trauma differently. It may not hit her for a while. She could be feeling numb right now or in shock/denial.


^ this.

When hit with severe trauma, people can go absolutely berserk and do very strange things because of their loss of feeling.

Either way, I’m saddened by this story. Please pray for the repose of the soul of the child :gopray2: :signofcross:


Media Call Dead Newborn Baby Found in Teen Girls’ Shopping Bag a “Fetus”


Associated Press
A dead baby found in a teenage girl’s shopping bag at a lingerie store was born alive and then asphyxiated, police said Friday, as the macabre discovery turned toward a possible homicide case.

Police believe 17-year-old Tiana Rodriguez gave birth to the baby at a friend’s house and that the infant was later asphyxiated. The city medical examiner’s office said an autopsy was inconclusive, and more tests were needed.–Baby-found-in-NY-shopping-bag-born-alive


I think this will be a tough call to make. At six months the odds of survival are around 50% or so. Assuming that is, the baby gets appropriate care. Obviously this one didn’t.





This is so sad.


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