Dead or Alive?

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can someone help me to understand what the Jews beleive about praying for the dead? before and after Christ, and if there is a difference within the Jewish “denominations”. Thanx

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The Jews believe it is a “a holy and pious thought” to pray for those who have “gone to rest in godliness.” (2 Macc 12:45).

From the Jewish Encyclopedia (1901-1906), “Memorial Service,” by Cyrus Adler and Kaufmann Kohler:

Prayer for the dead is mentioned as early as the last pre-Christian century (see II Macc. xii. 44), and a sacrifice for the dead, probably given in the form of charity, was known in Talmudic time (Sifre, Deut. 210; Hor. 6a). The reading of the chapter “Aḥare Mot” on the Day of Atonement suggested the idea of offering on that day a special prayer for the memory of the dead (comp. Pesiḳ. 174b with the interpolated sentence in Tan., Yelammedenu, Ha’azinu, and Kol Bo, lxx.). Regarding the extension of the prayer for the dead to other holy days, see the literature in Bet Yosef, Ṭur Oraḥ Ḥayyim, 621; M. Brück, “Pharisäische Volkssitten und Ritualien”; L. Löw, “Gesammelte Schriften,” i. 129, v. 29; I. Levi, “La Commémoration des Ames dans le Judaïsme,” in “R. E. J.” xxix. 43-60; Hamburger, “R. B. T.” ii., s.v. “Seelenfeier”; Hazkarat Neshamot (in which article the memorial service for Orthodox congregations is treated).

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Just yesterday I read an explanation of the Mourner’s

According to the article, when the deceased appears
before G-d, family members praising G-d, even in
their loss, speaks well for the deceased…having left
behind a family that can continue to praise G-d,
even while enduring the death of a loved one.

Is that an accurate account of the Mourner’s Kaddish,
in your assessment?

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stillsmallvoice, is there any differences between the Jewish groups? or do they all believe exactly the same thing when it comes to the praying for the dead? excuse my apparent disbelief, but one persons opinion will always be bias, even if they are from an inclusive group.

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