Dead people registered to vote in Virginia

Dead people registered to vote in Virginia

Washington Post:

That explains McAuliffe.

Can’t be true because the Dems tell us there is no voter fraud.:slight_smile:

So much for resting in peace…

The authorities know the identity of the college student who created the fake voter registrations. The motive for this forgery seems to be unclear.

I hope that the student will be prosecuted for the crime he committed. I would also like to learn of his motives for creating the false registrations.

This is the part that disturbs me:

Del. Marcus B. Simon, D-Fairfax, said it’s “very disingenuous” to suggest the applications were part of a large-scale fraud, because votes would have to be cast either in person by elderly impostors or through absentee ballots sent to real home addresses.
“There’s no way any reasonable person could conclude that this was part of an effort to actually cast votes for people that aren’t able to cast votes,” Simon said.

Please look at what he said. He claims that there is no way that any reasonable person could conclude that someone who files a fraudulent voter registration would do so with the intention of casting a vote. That’s right folks. He expects us to believe that it is completely unreasonable to assume that someone would register to vote for the purpose of actually voting.

So, Mr Simon, why else would someone register to vote, other than to vote? :shrug: Well, maybe they thought they were registering dead people so that they would then be part of a potential jury pool? Were they perhaps registering to vote because they thought they would register their dead friends for a lottery or contest? Maybe these people like to collect voter registration cards like some people collect stamps or butterflies?

No, Mr Simon, as you say, it’s completely unreasonable, indeed “disingenuous” to think that someone would register to vote with the intention of casting a ballot. What nonsense! :wink:

I would say 100% of people who register to vote do so with the intention of voting.

Delegate Simon of Fairfax would say that you are not a reasonable person.

Coming from him, I consider that an honor! :stuck_out_tongue:

When did this become news? It’s been happening for years, in fact, states were required to purge the dead (as well as folks who’d moved) from the voter rolls but many states have been ignoring that requirement or delaying accomplishing it. There’ve been several lawsuits about it which cite voting by dead individuals who should have been purged.

Yes, but this guy registered dead people.

The particular story is about what happened recently in Virginia. The story doesn’t give actual dates, but the context shows that it’s been happening in recent weeks.

  1. Cook County, Illinois. Dead votes for John F. Kennedy. Practice.

If individuals register themselves to vote, it is reasonable to assume that they intend on voting in the future. However, that isn’t what this news story is about.

Why would someone create a number of false voter registrations, using various names and addresses? It could be because they were getting paid per registration, so creating fake voters was an easy way to make cash. As I recall, that was a problem some of the registrars used by ACORN a few years ago.

Another possibility is that it was an act of political sabotage. The culprit may be a supporter of requiring voters to show a photo ID and this was his way of showing that a need exists.

Or the college student may have just been doing it as a prank. :shrug:

There are any number of reasons someone might create fake registrations without the intent of casting multiple votes. I am not sure why the news story withheld the name of the person responsible, but I hope we will learn more about him, and his motives, in the future.

Or “Landslide Lyndon” Johnson. In one district 258 voters voted for him in alphbetical order.

In 1968, there was a widespread joke at the U of I Chicago campus that all the park benches would be voting for Humphrey. I didn’t think it was too funny.

Stealing goes on all the time also.

But, nevertheless, whenever someone robs a convenience store, we do report it. In fact, BECAUSE the entire community suffers, then the crime should be reported in great detail … lots of info on names, places, payment info on these ill-gotten goods.

It’s news.

Voter fraud, since it is seriously punishable AND since it defrauds the other voters … is newsworthy.

AND it’s NOT about purging old records … it’s about fabricating NEW voters.

Visit the Website for True The Vote.

Visit Google and type in:

There are literally HUNDREDS of reports such as this one.

Do Google searches with various terms such as “list of” … and the voluminous details pour out.

A few people actually audited the election results and found their own ballots had been tampered with.

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