Dead Sea Scrolls and Bible History according to a Mega Church Pastor Part2

I have this posted in a different thread original thread here. But I was curious as to if I should comment on this video in the comment section. Is there anything I should add that hasn’t been stated in the previous thread?
Will it even matter? is it just a waste of time?

I watched long enough to get to his first substantive point.

He (accurately) describes the prevalence of the Latin Vulgate, which remains the “official” text of the Catholic Bible to this day. John Wycliffe had translated the Vulgate into Middle English (which this pastor compares to ebonics), but Luther went back to the original Greek/Hebrew for his German translation. According to this pastor, Luther “discovered” that certain passages had been mistranslated (presumably deliberately) into Latin.

The passage which apparently got Luther really lathered up was Luke 13:3, which is usually translated like this:

Unless you repent, you too will all perish.

According to this pastor, Luther “discovered” that the Greek μετανοῆτε (repent) had been “mis-translated” into Latin as “do penance.”

First of all, I really see no difference. But, second of all, you may notice that “do penance” is not Latin. The actual Latin text from the Vulgate reads:

nisi paenitentiam habueritis

It would be perfectly permissible (and preferable, IMHO) to translate paenitentiam as “repent” in English, or ihr euch nicht bessert in German (which is what Luther went with). Nothing in the Vulgate would have led Luther to translate it differently.

Anyway, if it doesn’t get any better than this then it is truly underwhelming.

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