Dead Sea Scrolls my update

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A few years ago the Dead Sea Scrolls came to Grand Rapids, Michigan. I asked my Mom if she’d like to go with me to see them. They were amazing! Since back then I was away from the Catholic Church and going to Bible Studies with Prodesents, who had taught me that the Prodesent Version of the Bible was correct, can you even imagine how I felt when I seen the Scroll for Tobit there? To say I was floored is an understatement.

As I walked around the display I kept going back to the Scroll of Tobit. I believe this was the Start to my journay back to the Catholic Church.

I was also thrilled to see the name of Yahweh in the Telagram. in the Scrolls.

It was such a Blessing to be able to see these Scrolls. I have always believed in the Bible, yet had always wanted to see (since childhood) the “Real” (rather first) Bible. (or even parts of it). Seeing these Scrolls just made my Catholic Bible (which was back at my house) all of a sudden come alive and right there and then I knew the Catholic Bible was Correct.

And my journay back to Mother Church began. :thumbsup:

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Great story!

I am working on translating a Dead Sea Scroll called 8HevXIIgr. It is a Greek manuscript of the Minor Prophets. I finished Jonah so far and I am working my way through. This scroll has the tetragramations.

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