Deadliest Catch

Does anyone else watch the show “Deadliest Catch” on the Discovery Channel? I have start watching it when I come home after work at night (I’m watching it now actually) and this show is freaking awesome. If I were in a different situation in life, I think I might actually want to do that. But yeah, is anyone else addicted to this show?

Don’t have cable. What’s it about?

It chronicles the most dangerous job in the world, which is that of Alaskan crab fishermen. A deckhand can earn from $30,000 to $100,000 for just 6-8 weeks work, but they must get on these ships in the Bering Sea, often in temperatures below zero and in 40 foot waves and 80 mph winds to try to retrieve the crab pots. People are often washed overboard, where you would die of hypothermia within four minutes without protection, and the ships become very unstable when the empty crab pots are stacked on deck (there are hundreds of them shuffling around at about 400 lbs each.) Add to that ice flows that can crush your boat, and the race to get your crabs back to port before they die and you lose all of your profits, and it creates a pretty dramatic job to say the least.

It takes a pretty special kind of crazy to do it… but it is an incredibly captivating show. You keep wondering half the show how they don’t all die every time they go out.

I’m sooooooo addicted to it!! :smiley:

Since we don’t have cable, I didn’t see it until I was in the hospital last month. It’s very well done, and it shows how dangerous a job that truly is.

One of the captains had lost a man overboard a couple years before. On the episode I saw, another man was washed over the side, but he was rescued. You can’t write drama like that.

I can see why folks do it, though; they can make a lot of money in a short amount of time.

DH & I love this show! The life of a Crab Fisherman is amazingly dangerous. It is exciting to watch, from the comfort of our cozy recliners week to week :wink: !

Do any of yall have a favourite boat/captain?

I would have to say that my favourite is Captain Sig and his boat, the Northwestern. Love to watch his crew work and interact.

Ditto for me too! Plus I’m a Mike Rowe fan. He’s the nararator of the show.

Captain Sig and the Northwestern are by far my favorite captain and boat. I also really like Captain Johnathan of The Time Bandit :thumbsup:

Edit: To In_Christ_Alone: Yay for Mike Rowe!! :smiley:

I like Captain Sig as well. I also like the Captain, I can’t think of his name:confused: , that his sons are crew members. I can’t think of the boat name either:blush: :shrug: Is it The Time Bandit?

I think your thinking of Capt. Phil with the Cornelia Marie. He is pretty cool too…usually there’s alot of censoring whenever he’s talking:p .

Yeah. He’s a “Salty Dog” for sure, rough around the edges!:blush:

Ya I like Capt Phil too cus thats how I want my family to turn out. Me handing my business of to my sons and retiring somewhere where your snot doesnt freeze to your face lol:D

Ive been thinkin of some new tricks to play with the pots too haha

LOL :stuck_out_tongue:

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