Deadline for ISIS ultimatum to Christians living in Mosul


Deadline for ISIS ultimatum to Christians living in Mosul

This is persecution. :frowning:


I found a site dedicated to helping persecuted Christians in Iraq.


It’s an almost perfect storm for ISIS. Syria is in civil war and unstable, the Iraqi government is largely impotent, and there’s bleak chances of a response from the UN; all of its primary actors are in sluggish growth and have lost willpower and confidence in any kind of intervention. If I had a family in Iraq, I’d be leaving.


These are our brothers and sisters in Christ and they have been and are still being Martyred. I sometimes am shocked at the lack of talk from the Pulpit about this in this country. But, it is on a list of things seldom mentioned in Church on the whole, things such as contraception, abortion, SSA, SSM, HHS mandate, etc. I’ve grown used to vague lip service regarding these issues.



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