Deadly Albino Cobra Loose in California Suburb [What is wrong with your neighbors?]


On Septembe 3, 2014 ABC News reported the capture of a white monocled cobra in a Southern California neighborhood. It had been on the loose and terrorizing the neighborhood for five days and had bitten a dog ( he survived by some miracle ).

And why is this just now being reported on Kansas City news? Perhaps this is a new incident?

So far the owner of the snake is unknown. But wouldn’t you think a decent person who let one of these animals escape would have called in anonymously to warn the police?

Supposedly you have to have a permit to own a dangerous wild animal. The question is, why should it be legal to own such deadly pets? And what is the penalty for owning one without a permit?

A couple years ago it was reported that a deadly Bushmaster had been seen crossing a side walk on the grounds of Haskel Institute in Lawrence, Kansas. But when I called the police department they sounded very skeptical, evasive was more the response I got. No further reports were aired.

We are all familiar with the Anaconda situation in parts of Florida. They seem to have made themselves quite at home. Isn’t that cute?

And at least once or twice a year local fishermen are reporting the catch of Piranhas in our local lakes. Isn’t that nice. Better be careful where you go swimming or wading.

And everyone has heard of the jumping carp on the Missouri and Missippii and other rivers.Sounds cute, right. But some of these fellows are big enough to knock a man out of a boat. And the shear surprise of one landing in a boat could cause the fishermen to panic and tip the boat over, the surprise could even cause a heart attack.

None of the creatures I mentioned are native to the U.S., they are all invasive, some are outright deadly.

So what is wrong with your neighbors anyway, that they have to own such creatures? I’ll let you answer that. If I say what I think, I will get more demerits.



This is old news, but the snake was found and just went on display at the Los Angeles Zoo this week.


I have rat shot for my 22lr, perfect for such pests.
I’m surprised this ever made more than local news.


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