Deadly Modernism


Hello all

I am new to Catholicism, and the church in which I attend claims to be one of the few true Catholic Churches left. This is mainly because they say that most other churches have shamefully given in to modernism which allows things into the Catholic Church which were never meant to be. Things such as eliminating the Latin Mass, allowing homosexuality, telling people that it is okay to divorce and re-marry, providing contraception …things like that.

I guess, as a person studying this new religion (new to me), I can’t help but wonder: If people who are supposedly “true Catholics” and especially those of high authority know that conforming to such modern ways of thinking are mortal sins…then how could they allow these things to happen? Shouldn’t the people allowing these things be excommunicated?

Please excuse my ignorance. I am still learning. How can I find the answers if I do not ask the questions?


You must be going to a Traditional Catholic Church.

I see why you are confused. Traditionalist and “normal” Catholics are now 2 different sects. I’m fuzzy on the details, though. Sorry.

No, I’m pretty sure even “normal” Catholics don’t do half of those things. They DO NOT provide contraception, they DO NOT allow homosexuality, they DO NOT allow divorce, but they DID do away with the Latin Mass.

I hope that clarifies.


I ask Jesus to help you to respond fully to the graces of conversion that He offers you. I ask Him to help you be the Catholic that He desires you to be, without the burden of feeling you must join in others’ judgements. Instead my He grant you the grace to joyfully and trustingly pray for the souls of other, including all Catholics, and to give powerful yet kindly witness to others. Always, God alone knows the heart of others, and only God is our judge.

Wishing you happines and peace
God bless you, Trishie.


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