Deadly Sin Question

I emailed a priest about sloth, but I am still a little confused. Does sloth only apply to things that we are obligated to do, such as go to Mass, take care of family, etc.? Or does sloth also apply to things that we are not obligated to do, such as pray the Rosary?

Now I am worried that I sinned seriously by doing the Rosary to just get it done. Maybe I didn’t, but my scrupulosity is making me fret about this now. I usually tell myself I am going to pray the Rosary now, but now I am scared that I say that just so I can get it done.

I did not think I thought about this too much before, so maybe it was not mortal sin.

Sloth confuses me also. I am interested in what other people have to say.

As not praying the Rosary at all isn’t a mortal sin, neither is praying it “to just get it done.” However, praying it “to just get it done” might not make a lot of sense as the graces conferred would not be the same as praying it in love.

Think about it like this, as going to Mass (which is infinitely more important than praying the Rosary) “to just get it done” isn’t a mortal sin, then neither can praying the less important Rosary be a mortal sin.

Sounds like just a case of scruples.

Try this article, very concise.

As I understand it from my Priest, we are obligated to attend Mass unless there is a compelling reason not to, such as sickness, or if you are obligated to work and a job which allows you to attend Mass every weekend cannot be found or will not allow you to support your family.

The Rosary is a great prayer tool which benefits all who do pray it, but is NOT an obligation, period.

Take care.

A simple understanding of sloth is that you don’t make use of your gifts well, for example you have time and chance to go to Mass but you don’t go, you have opportunities to cultivate your spiritual life but you don’t use, you have time to share with other but you don’t want to,…

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