Deadly Storms Hit Midwest; Tornadoes Slam Illinois, Indiana (State-by-State Updates)


Dozens of tornadoes and intense thunderstorms swept across the Midwest on Sunday, unleashing powerful winds that flattened entire neighborhoods, flipping over cars, uprooting trees and leaving at least five people dead.

A town about 20 minutes from where I live called Washington, Indiana was hit by a tornado. They really got hit bad from what I understand.

Here are some more links for you to read more if you want: - This one is local news for me.


Thank you for posting this. My sister and her family live in Elkhart…


You’re welcome RJB. Is Elkhart in Illinois or Indiana? It sounds like a town in Illinois to me but I’m not sure.

That said, my own town was completely spared. We got some heavy wind but no storms. We did have quite a bit of rain though. However, it didn’t even thunder.

I had been praying for a few days before the storms hit as soon as I heard about the risk. God definitely answered my prayers for my own home town. I just wish He would have spared those other places too. :frowning:


There is a town near Peoria, Illinois called Washington that got hit hard with a tornado. Elkhart is Indiana, not Illinois.


I’m glad to see you posting, Holly. I was hoping you were okay.


Yeah I heard about that town too. :frowning: Thanks for telling me where Elkhart is by the way. :slight_smile:

Yeah, I am fine although I was terrified and paranoid for the entire length of the day.


I have always found storms interesting. Scary but interesting! I remember standing out in a parking lot with a bunch of guys a few years ago watching a storm come into our town and one guy remarking about the awesome power behind those clouds and if those clouds are so powerful, what must their Creator be like!


Hey, that’s a good thought! I get thoughts like that when it comes to sunsets and such. I kind of imagine it like as though God painted it in the sky for us and how it is a reflection of how awesome God is! I never thought that way concerning tornadoes and severe storms though.

That said, plain severe storms that have no tornadoes I do find exciting to a certain extent. If they get too severe then they do get a little scary. However, when they are forecasting a tornado outbreak, I get very scared. Yesterday was a very high risk day here in Indiana. The National Weather Service even had us under a High Risk of severe weather which is somewhat unusual. I think that is why I was so nervous about it all. If it had been a slight risk, I probably would have been a lot more calm.

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