Deal Would Allow Gays In Boston Saint Pat's Parade


A MassEquality official said Saturday a group of gay military veterans can march under its banner in a tentative deal brokered by Boston Mayor Martin Walsh. But marchers from the gay-rights group would not be allowed to wear clothing or hold signs that refer to sexual orientation.

Negotiators will work out final details in the coming week.

Walsh had threatened to boycott the city annual parade unless gay groups are allowed to march. He met parade organizers Saturday and hopes that a solution that works for all involved…

State courts forced the sponsors to allow the Irish-American Gay, Lesbian and Bisexual Group of Boston to march in the parade in 1992 and 1993. In 1994, the sponsors canceled the parade rather than allow the group to participate…

In 1995, the sponsors made participation by invitation only and said the parade would commemorate the role of traditional families in Irish history and protest the earlier court rulings. But several months later, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled unanimously that Massachusetts courts had previously violated the parade sponsors’ First Amendment rights when they forced them to allow the gay group to participate.


Organizers of South Boston’s St. Patrick’s Day parade are inviting a statewide gay advocacy group to march, a significant first that could silence a controversy that has festered for two decades and cast a cloud over one of the city’s signature events.

“They can march under the MassEquality banner,” Tim Duross, one of the parade coordinators, said Friday. “We’d be happy to have them here. And we’d be proud to have them here. Everybody knows who MassEquality is.”

Who cares if Walsh marches in parade? Nobody missed Menino. It is time to cancel the parade.


This is turning into a joke. I agree with you. Let the people celebrate in the bars with their friends. Why politicize EVERYTHING??? I’m sick of everyone and his brother having to make a “statement.”

Cancel the thing. Maybe the detail cops might like the day off, too…


My understanding is:

Gays and other GLBTQ folks were already welcome; they just wanted to keep St. Patrick’s Day about Irish heritage, not a platform for a gay rights.


Anyone is invited to march but not under a banner for MassEquality. Mayor Walsh is flaming liberal and has been so for many years so why be concerned whether he marches or doesn’t.

This is more about the older leadership of the parade’s committee retiring and newer, more liberal leaders.

What a mockery of Saint Patrick. Cancel this parade.

Saint Patrick, pray for us.


Saint Patrick, pray for us, indeed!

It’s been a mockery for decades…it’s become a celebration of a secular “holiday” not a religious “Holy Day”.

It’s no more about Christianity as Independence Day is an American patriotic observance…it’s just a day of drunken debauchery!:shrug:


Is there a more insane generation that 21st century western culture?


I know it seems that way but it is also a day for families to connect and enjoy their Christian heritage.

That is what they are trying to destroy.

Saint Patrick, pray for us.


One only has to go to Savannah Georgia to realize this. A medium sized, historic town on the GA coast, with beautiful moss covered cemeteries most of the year then around March 17th the whole place turns into Bourbon Street at it’s worst.

I have been to New Orleans many times over the years, but Bourbon Street? I have spent a total of 15 minutes on, and that was ten minutes too much.


In the northeast, granted there are pubs with lots of green beer but the parade itself is more about family. There are lots of parade floats, bands, clowns, and everyone wears a bit of green. There are plenty of small children trying to catch a piece of candy. :thumbsup:

Saint Patrick, pray for us.


Just do a search of images.


I’m sick to dearh of gays and their Sal Alinski, strong arm tactictics. I’ve already decided to boycott the National Football League and the U.S. Soccer league for their strong arm tactics and I will do the same for Disney products and other businesses which use economic and political intimidation to spread the gay, pro-death anti-Christian agenda.



Until reading this thread, I have never heard of the Boston St. Patrick’s day parade, so I know nothing about it. However, other such parades feature politicians and political organizations. Has Boston held the line against such things?


Yes and they have fought to keep it about Saint Patrick and Irish heritage. It has between 600,000 to 1 million who view it and is even on the local TV.

Saint Patrick, pray for us.


Will there be a heterosexual, traditional marriage or pro-life floats in the parade? No? Then we should probably keep it about St. Patrick and Irish heritage.


That’s a good point. It’s like they want to make everything be about homosexuality.


:thumbsup: Excellent point!


Then you approve homosexuals that have Irish heritage marching in the parade?


As long as they are celebrating the day in the intended spirit and not making political statements, leaving their “pride” parades at home, I have no problem who is in the parade. Same goes for Easter, Christmas and every other parade. People should stop the assault on Christianity and society in general. Has anyone accused St Patrick of being homosexual yet? If not, give it time.

Edit: I just searched it and big surprise, there are claims out there. I’m shocked.:rolleyes:


I am sure many have over the years.


I like this compromise. It’s basically saying “you can have a visible presence, but you can’t make political statements”. It’s nice to see both sides of such a contentious issue come to an agreement. It’s really not unlike church groups in gay pride parades. At least in my city, they are allowed to participate, but they can’t carry anti gay signs and while they can evangelize at the festival afterwards, they can’t go around telling people that homosexuality is a sin.

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