Dealer offers AK-47 with each new truck purchase

A Missouri truck dealer hopes to reverse a nationwide slide in sales with a catchy offer: An AK-47 with every new truck purchase.

The website for Max Motors of Butler, Mo., features a drawing of the Soviet-made assault rifle and an animated cartoon character wielding two handguns against the backdrop of a waving American flag.

Mark Muller, owner of Max Motors, is upgrading an earlier sales gimmick in which he offered new truck buyers to choose between a $250 gas voucher or a gun voucher. The website says the dealer is giving away guns again “due to popular demand.”

“Muller calls the initial deal an overwhelming success,” Business Insider reports. “He also says it generates a lot of publicity and really angers ‘liberals.’”

Muller tells CNN he is won’t be handing out the free weapons personally but will give buyers a voucher to use at a gun store.

Watch CNN’s interview with Muller.

Its a fairly cheap freebie, in comparison to the cost of a new truck. But wouldn’t a gun more useful than an AK-47 have more appeal?

Where’s stanmaxkolbe? He needs to see this. Ah well, it’s still early here in Texas.

Now I want a truck from them.

I like how he says angering liberals is a success :stuck_out_tongue:

What would you call getting a liberal wanting to buy your product?

I had to laugh when the old droopy CNN “babe” points out how police carry guns and they get “shot”. I wonder if she thinks (seriously) that police would be less likely to be shot if they didn’t carry a firearm?

A conversion?

Buy our new Biofuel it reduces your “carbon footprint”. But they really do not because for a large carbon footprint in production. Also continuously growing corn year after year is bad soil conservation and could lead to another dust bowl. It does not help the environment it changes the problem.

That might be an exaggeration. University of Minnesota research, two years ago, mentioned that crop rotation does improve corn yields, but the significance is now slight compared to past decades.

I’ll admit that I’m more comfortable with crop rotation, and I think alternating soybeans and corn works well. But claiming environmental catastrophe from not rotating crops may be going too far.

That said, I don’t think using food crops for fuel is good stewardship of what God has entrusted us. Far better to develop alternate fuels which don’t divert food and drive up food prices.

I think her point is that the police don’t normally carry AK-47s for defense. She asked the car dealer why give away an assault rifle, rather than a handgun.

Sweet. I wonder how far Butler is from here. I’d love an AK, that would be so great! Unfortunately, we can’t afford a truck payment right now or I’d be interested.

First off, an assault rifle is illegal unless you file for special permits. Assault rifles haven’t been manaufactured in the US or imported to the US for civilian use since 1986. If you do go through the process to buy an assault rifle plan on spending $5000+ for such a weapon.

Since I do not have the ability to read minds I must actually take a person’s words as an expression of their thoughts. The CNN menopausal babe said “some people” will say that police carry guns all the time and get shot and therefore the idea that guns being used for self defense isn’t a valid arguement. Nowhere does she say anything about police not carrying an AK47 - they actually have much better weapons.

Later she states that when she grew up (assuming three decades earlier) they didn’t have AK47s in the “rural”. The reason being is you could hardly buy an AK47 then (the Soviets were still using them), but you could buy a comparable weapon like a Ruger Mini 14, an army surplus Garand or an AR15 - all of which are still available to this day and all of which are comparible to the AK if not much more expensive.

Perhaps you should watch the tape again.

It’s OK to go Bear or Deer or even Moose hunting but you dont need a AK 47 to do it and if anyone would save his life he will loose it for a very long time, after all “What is Truth” its not an AK 47 thats for sure, it sounds like trouble to me, probably some kind of trap, for a fool, or two. Those who blaspene the Holy Spirit are in trouble too.

Can’t say I know much about guns but, an AK 47 for hunting deer, isn’t that overkill? (excuse the pun:p) This is about as strange an offer as the bank that offered a gun for starting up a new account or worse yet the Long’s Drug Store that sold both liquor and guns in the same store. What were they thinking?

This week’s headline: Dealer offers AK-47 with each new truck purchase.
Next week’s headline: AK-47 wielding bandit robs local truck dealer. Makes getaway in new truck.

Not to mention the fact that farmers will be growing crops for fuel and not for human consumption.

I wasn’t aware you could sell weapons with cars.

The stanmaxkolbe signal is lit!

What’s wrong with using an AK 47 for deer hunting? It uses a relatively heavy bullet with moderate recoil and decent knock down power. Ballistics and accuracy put it on par with a 30-30 lever action - only you don’t have to work the lever. While it is not as powerful or as accurate as most 30.06 or .308 rifles it is a good rifle for hunting moderate sized game (definitely not a rifle to use on a moose) at intermediate range much like you would face when hunting deer.

What do you have against self defense?


Farmers are being paid not to farm because there is to much food now and many farmers struggle to make a living because of depressed prices due to over supply.

…only if it’s a very dumb truck dealer.

A more likely story would be “AK-47 wielding bandit attempts to rob local truck dealer, unaware the dealer saved one of the AK’s for his own use. Would-be bandit last seen wearing a toe tag.”

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