Dealer offers AK-47 with each new truck purchase

Not really, considering most deer rifles are more powerful than an AK47.

Non-sequitur. Liberals don’t want gas guzzling trucks. They want Priuses into which to stuff their hemp handbags, their nervous little yappy dog, and their one child they are secretly ashamed they had because they are contributing to overpopulation. No spouse, because, after all, this is a liberal and two parents is so…conservative.

Next years headline: All guns banned. AK-47 weilding bandit still robs truck dealer.

Ya maybe in developed countries. But Other countries are as lucky as us. But its ok where you live there is plenty of food huh? And how long before billy bob stops growing wheat and starts growing corn or canola for fuel? If his neighbours are getting double for their crops than what he is. What makes you think that they will grow for food? they wont. Not until crops meant for food gets as much as crops meant for fuel gets.Then those who are getting paid not to farm will demand more tax dollars. To keep on not farming. What ever way you look at it. Bio fuels will increase food cost. Both in developed countries and under developed. No matter how much we are over “supplied” at the moment.

You would be (or maybe not ;)) surprised on how many people fail to understand this.

Last year’s headline: Dealer offers hand gun with each new truck purchase.

This year’s headline: Dealer offers AK-47 with each new truck purchase.

Next years headline: Dealer offers RPG with each new truck purchase!

Yeah, sure.

You wanna see a real headline that leads to pandemonium in the streets?

“Dealer Offers Full-Size Spare Tire With Each New Truck Purchase.”

In my state you can’t hunt with a magazine fed gun. Lever rifles are an exception.

Don’t ever allow the facts to interfere with your beliefs.

Brazil grows its own fuel, is that country even richer than the US?

Farmers are paid not to farm because the over abundance of food is world wide. Some nations are starving but not from lack of food or money to buy/donate the food but because of the control food supply system by governments determined to control a population or rebel/bandits determined to profit from the food system.

The biggest threat to the US food supply system is urban sprawl. Millions of acres have been taken out of production and sold for home sites or strip malls. The land’s value as suburbia is 10/20 times it value as farm land. In the last 30 years more acres have been errantly turned from farm land into urban areas than the US currently uses for corn acreage. Low commodity prices have ensured this transition will continue for years to come.

If instead of turning into the urban sprawl the land had instead been used exclusively for grain to be converted to fuel the US would more than half its imports of foreign oil and STILL be paying farmers not to farm and have the exact amount of grain as it does today. The difference being is that instead we have lost that farm land forever; no one is going to tear down sections of cities to grow grain. If it stil existed as farm land and used to grow grain for fuel if there were ever a true shortage the grain would simply be used for food instead of fuel.

The low commodity prices of the last 30 years have contributed more to the threat of a true food shortage than using grain to create fuel ever will.

It’s on par with the childhood belief in Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny.

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