Dealing with Anti-catholicism and showing quotes from the bible out of context

So How do you guys deal with the Anti-catholics or should I say anti-religion ( could be atheist) who show various scripture passages and talk about topics such as slavery and the bible is full of contradiction etc

So how do you deal with this?

I never bother arguing with anyone who shows themselves to be disingenuous or dishonourable in debate.

A valued person in my life told me a long time ago, never try to reason with someone unreasnable.

Some people are interested and would like to know an answer but some people have already made up their minds and don’t care what you answer is, the latter wants to feel superior for some reason.

If someone asked you if, as a Catholic, do you worship Mary? You could answer them and explain it however if they tell you that you worship Mary because you are a Catholic then you can tell them the truth but anymore is futile.

I ususally tell them, that they are very incorrect, it´s a very serious error, that they will be held accountable for their beliefs one day, that I will pray for them, and finally,you have been warned.God Bless: Thumbsup:: Thumbsup:: Thumbsup:

All you need to refute anti-Catholic arguments is the Gospel according to St. Luke. The Hail Mary is literally there, in two parts: When Gabriel visits Mary and says “Hail, full of grace - the Lord is with you.” (Luke 1:28) and when Elizabeth greets her. “Blessed are you among women and blessed is the fruit of thy womb.” (Luke 1:44)

Jesus said “Take this and eat, for this is my body,” which could be interpreted as the First Communion and is found in Luke 22:19-20.

To bee honest I don’t think the person believes in god. I would probably say a skeptic trying to prove all religions wrong and don’t have to follow any particular set of beliefs and rather trust their own judgement.

Contradictions in the bible? Where?

Seriously though, don’t attempt this type of apologetics unless you are ‘on your game’ so to speak.
I don’t know of any alleged bible contradiction that hasn’t been properly and comprehensively refuted by classical apologetics. But it does take regular study and repeated practice to give an effective and emphatic defense when called upon to do so at short notice.

The internet infidel type atheist folk who scatter such tropes around like confetti, are usually parroting what they heard from someone else and they frequently won’t stop long enough to hear the answer to their own question/allegation.

So how do you deal with this?

Thou shalt not steal. Stealing a persons labour is theft.
Slavery is a function of greed.
Does the bible praise or condemn greed?

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