Dealing with Anti-Christian/Anti-Catholic stuff


…like people who blast Christians, think Catholics are insane, this or that. As a young man, I used to get very angry with them. It really boiled my blood. Now, I just feel sort of sorry for them. For example, while watching National Geographic, they showed some rubbish on “The Tomb of Jesus” where they basically just bashed Christians. In my early twenties, I would have screamed at the TV. Now, I just feel sorry for them and change the station.

I still am very passionate-politics, baseball, music, literature, and religion as well. When I debate people about the above, I don’t and never really have gotten angry-just passionate. I admit I did used to get angry about Religious debate.

Has this happened to anyone else? Where you just shake your head and pity them rather than get angry?

Thank you and happy new year!


I mostly get mad because it misleads the ignorant (who tend to easily trust media that sounds “intelligent”) away from Christ.
I don’t yell at the TV, but I do try to stay one step ahead by first off watching this junk (so that you know what others are being taught) and then finding the “Catholic Answer” (hehehe ;)) and having it ready for conversations!


When I see this stuff on TV, I get kind of angry, but mostly sad. This world is so broken and full of misunderstandings and misinformation.

However, when I hear it in person, I can get kind of heated. Not angry, but a mix of passion and frustration. I know that if I can sit down with people one-on-one for a while and explain their misconceptions, it would shed light on the topic, but that opportunity is pretty rare. So I usually hold my tongue (regretably) or do the best I can to correct them (insufficiently).

I’m in my twenties now…I hope to grow in patience even more.


I never understood why it is socially all right to make fun or bash Catholics, but when someone says something bad about Judaism, or Islam, its taboo...


When I hear anti-Catholic junk, it makes me real mad. It upsets me because anti-Catholics think they know the truth but they really don’t. I get very heated when I hear people say “bible alone” (still can’t seem to find where that says that in the Bible) or we “worship Mary”. If they would do their research honestly and look into it they would know the truth. It also makes me mad when people say Catholics are not Christians. I could go on and on but anyways anti-Catholic remarks really upset me and put me in a bad mood. I wish I could just blow it off but I am pretty passionate about the Catholic faith. It is so great to be a Catholic.


I get very angry, but try to "enlighten" if possible. I think just shaking my head and feeling sorry for their ignorance is a form of accepting their views.

I try not to engage in hostile debate, but rather point to the places in the bible that I can refute said ignorance.

I am, however, woefully undereducated as a cradle Catholic.

Oh yeah, I PRAY!


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