Dealing with family members!


Hello. My mother left the Church for 25 years and came back over a year now when my brother and I converted.

She had a large Catholic family. My Aunt in another state has been chatting with us all lately. The net makes chatting so much easier.

My Aunt left the Catholic Church along with her husband who had actually been in a Catholic Seminary before they were married in the Church. That was at least 15 years ago.

Anyhow she has been mailing my mom Chick pub books etc, which my mom read it all calling me in shock. I went thought the book with her and showed her how to use a Catechism with her bible to understand and easily debunk the half versus, misinterpretations and spaz in the book.

How do I respond to my Aunt. What is the state of her spiritually leaving the Church and then claiming the church is not Gods church and then trying to confuse and pull people from the Church?

How would you respond to her? I am very well catechized and can solidly explain and defend my Faith. I’m also very aggravated by her actions. :rolleyes:
I’m used to family arguing, just not former Catholics?:confused:


Since your mother has involved you in this situation by asking you for help, I think I would come up with a refutation of some of the major errors and mail them back to the aunt along with a copy to your mother (and make it clear that both are receiving the refutation, e.g. “Dear mom and Aunt Bess”). Do that a few times and maybe the Aunt will see what she’s up against.


Sounds fun… I’d enjoy doing that. She send one of the sillier books too.
Understanding Roman Catholicism: 37 Roman Catholic Doctrines Explained (Paperback) by Rick Jones /aka Chick


Send her a link to Chick Tracts.


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