Dealing with hard times

How do you deal with times when you faith just drops after being really high for a couple days? It happens to me alot.

It happens to me alot also, sometimes so much that I dont feel worthy of praying. I asked my priest about this and he told me to pray even more!! It does work. I say my Rosary every night and it helps tremendously in keeping our faith stronger.

May the Holy spirit guide you and protect you always!!

Try praying Evening Compline or the Chaplet of Divine Mercy in the evenings.
And remember - your faith doesn’t depend on feelings!:wink:

I too have real problems with prayer alot. It’s so frustrating. Sometimes I wonder if God is crossing the line between testing and torture…

What you are experiencing is a loss of feelings (consolation as the Saints called it). Prayer is less about sensing God than it is about offering to God our praise, thanks, petitions, etc. It’s fine to sense God’s presence, but true prayer doesn’t depend on it or even expect it.

The best way to look at prayer is to think of it as daily meals. Most of us eat 3 meals a day. Often we eat the same things over and over again until we can’t remember what we ate a couple of days ago or even last night. But, the food still sustains us and helps us grow (when we are children) whether we get any sensible pleasure from it or not. Prayer is often like eating our veggies–we may prefer chocolate cake, but the veggies are better for us.

When we experience dryness in prayer, it is our golden opportunity to give to God our love, praise and thanks without expecting anything back from him. It becomes true sacrificial giving of ourselves, which is more pleasing to God than any amount of feelings we might get from him.

That you are going through this is a sign that God wants you to move beyond your senses and rely on him completely no matter how good prayer makes you feel or if you sense nothing or even if you feel totally abandoned. God is still there, but he is leading you on to a better, fuller trust in him by depriving you of sensing his presence, his consolation in prayer.

What I believe happens is at times during your growth in faith God may be strengthening you through tests of faith. What you need to do is persevere with your prayers and contemplate his love for you and remember that God will not abandon you even if you feel a distance at this present time. What I found helped me alot was reading Matthew 6. I also found simply thinking about Heaven gave me strength.
God Bless

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