Dealing With *Jealousy*-Words of Wisdom Anyone?

UGHHHHHHH…okay, I am so disgusted with myself. :frowning: Again, the green-eyed monster showed up. A friend of mine (and her family) just moved into their new house. Instead of being happy for them, I find myself jealous??? :confused: I hate feeling that way…puts me in the worse moods. The thing is, my house is very nice too…so why can’t I just be happy for her? :shrug: I go to confession often and confess these sins. The priest always says its natural to get jealous and as long as I don’t have any “bad” thoughts or wish them harm, then I’m fine. BUT I still feel horrible.:frowning: I wish I wasn’t so petty and pathetic. I was truly hoping someone can give me some words of wisdom…or set me straight somehow. :smiley: I really do need to work on this…

Try making a special point of being thankful for what you have. Every day pick out two or three things and thank God for them in particular.

Also think of those with much less than you who would be grateful for a hot meal and a roof over their head.

Thinking of my own experience of this kind of thing got me wondering. I have some friends who have moved to a new, posh house and I haven’t batted and eyelid, I have been really, genuinely happy for them. My brother, however, is not in as affluent a position as myself, but seems to lurch from one disaster to the next! When he moves, or gets a new car, I feel very jealous and angry. Is this because I am actually jealous of him? No, of course not! I don’t understand it, or like how I feel…I wish I could feel just good things, but there’s something about his behaviour that makes me feel that way.

Is there some similar you can identify in this situation?

The ego is making you feel inferior to that of your friend, and the emotion of jealously feeds on this.

The ego is projecting to the future, on how other’s will view you less than that of your friend.

The best way to weaken the ego, is to live in the present. The ego dwells on the past or future, but gets nothing from the present.

Of course, prayer to God is in the present as God is, so be with God in prayer and thank Him for the blessings he gives to others.


You know, sometimes there are things that we just cannot do away with under our own power. I have found that in such cases, it is best to ask God to remove these faults from us. Now HOW He does that may not be what we expect, but eventually, if we are willing, it will happen. So pray to God to take this from you.

Thank you for the replies. :slight_smile:

baltobetsy & spencer2~I do think of others who have less then me and give thanks to God for what I do have, but the jealousy is still there.

Fightingfat~ I think in my situation, I tend to get jealous toward people I like and dislike. :shrug:

Jim~ You are right. I have had low self-esteem all my life, so when people see my house and “oooh and ahhh”, I feel like I actually accomplished something. The fact that my friend has a nice house makes me feel like I am no longer special. Geeze, how pathetic does that sound! :rolleyes:

CB~ I agree! I will not stop praying…especially the “litany of humility” prayer.

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