Dealing with LOUD cell-phone users

Maybe this belongs in “unpopular” media.

If you’re in a public place how do you get LOUD people on cell phones to tone it down? (Without, you know, abandoning your faith.)

Grab a pad and pen, catch their eye, and pretend you’re writing down everything they say!:smiley:

No, I haven’t actually tried this, but it’s the only thing I could thing of that wouldn’t get the police involved…:shrug:

I just start talking to myself very loud --as if I was talking to someone on bluetooth-- to capture the person’s attention and let them realize they are looking ridiculous talking so loud on a phone.

This happened to me while I was riding the city bus today. Someone practically screamed in my ear while they were on the phone; I had to hold my tongue before I said something uncharitable.

Pray for patience right then and there, so that you may tone down your irritability towards such persons.

In your spare time, develop a “crazy face.”

Upon the next occurance of this problem, employ your crazy face and join them in the conversation as if they were speaking to you.

Skipping a few bathing oppertunities will add to the effect.

Seriously though… Try politely asking with a bit of humor: “Pardon me… Excuse me… after the incident with the aliens, I’ve become especially sensitive to loud sounds, and I was hopeing to asky you if you could be a bit more quiet. Zarlog, the alien in my head, also thanks you”

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