Dealing with noncatholics

what is the proper way to deal with people who aren’t catholic? i always believed in being kind and establishing friendships in order to proclaim the gospel with actions as well as words was ok. but reading the early christians, they seem to say not to deal with schismatics, heretics or unbelievers at all. now i’m really confused

Remember what Jesus said, “Love your neighbor as yourself.” Treat them as you would want to be treated; not as a different species of inferior non-Catholics. Also remember as many Catholics forget that Catholics are Christians and not a separate entity so you need to respect your brothers and sisters in Christ. Although Protestants or Orthodox do not have the fullness of the truth found in the Catholic Church, they are still worshipping Jesus Christ and have salvation through Him. If they are anti-Catholic, debate with them. If they are accepting of Catholicism, accept them. Don’t ever be rude or demeaning to any non-Catholic. If they are of a different religion, treat them with respect and don’t just spend your time trying to convert them.

Above all, treat them well if you wish to be treated well by them.



The most inspiring Catholics on this board are the ones who are kind to me, never the ones who are confrontational. I’m between a rock and a hard place when it comes to where I belong, but any time I have been persuaded it’s only by those who have been loving and kind. I was extremely close to becoming Catholic and part of the reason was because of a friend on this board who always addressed my disagreements with love.

yes, that’s always what i thought too except for some of the early church fathers. perhaps i am misunderstanding their meaning though. just out of curisioty. are you sitll considering catholicism?

Over the years, I have come to know the wisdom of something I learned years ago as a Naval Officer: There are three things an Officer never discusses in the Wardroom ( the Officers Living and Dining Room: Religion, Politics, and women by name.
The best way to deal socially with non-Catholics is to follow that dictum.

i’m sorry, but i don’t get it

I agree. Personally, I don’t have a problem with Catholics sharing their faith with me.


I would remind all the RC Church has about 70 million or so out of a population of 320 million- a better question is how do we deal with Catholics-

absolutely bizarre


I have asked this question as well. If you read the Catechism you’ll see the very nice things it says about a heretic like myself… Back in the day though:

“No one can enter into the kingdom of Heaven except he be regenerate through water and the Spirit, and he who does not eat the flesh of the Lord and drink his blood is excluded from eternal life, and if all these things are accomplished only by means of those holy hands, I mean the hands of the priest, how will any one, without these, be able to escape the fire of hell, or to win those crowns which are reserved for the victorious? These [priests] truly are they who are entrusted with the pangs of spiritual travail and the birth which comes through baptism: by their means we put on Christ, and are buried with the Son of God, and become members of that blessed Head (The Priesthood 3:5-6 [A.D. 387])”

It does sometimes confuse me that Catholic leaders aren’t so blunt anymore.

i’m sorry, i wasn’t trying to be rude or anything. just trying to understand. i feel a bit lost on my own journey as well. perhaps a distinction needs to be made. there are certain who promote heresy and schism for purely selfish reasons. if someone is just raised in a different denomination, it’s not the same thing. i guess for the early christians, the distinction is less apparent. i do believe unity is important though. i was not trying to offend anyone, believe me

i’m sorry, it was just something i read and i wanted to see what responses i got. if i offendede you, i’m truly sorry. i recognize that it was probably a stupid question. i have just relaly been struggling a lot lately with various issues

We have a wonderful couple that live next door to us, and they are great friends. We help each other out often. They are die hard Southern Baptists, but they are very kind people.

I grew up in the Episcopal Church, so it was not a huge jump to become a RC. The wife was just fine with it, the husband though was visibly distraught when I told him. He invited me to go to church with them. *

My parents are just fine with it. Smooth sailing. I am not worrying about it, because I know I am right! :highprayer:*

Be kind is what he means

Oh, burn them at the stake for sure :cool:


i always believed in being kind and establishing friendships in order to **proclaim the gospel with actions **as well as words was ok.

My favorite quote ever, from Saint Francis; In all things preach the Gospel, and where necessary, use words. :smiley:

Sarah x :slight_smile:

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