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I have been a catholic for a year or so. I think I want to pursue a medicine when I get older. The problem is, that I already seem to have a problem with pride. Everytime I get a good grade or so on, I feel like bragging about it. And I know it’s a sin, and I don’t want to keep doing it, but I certaintly have a hard time stopping. I think that stop doing that sin would be even harder if I choose to pursue my dream, which is medicine. So, the question is what I should do about it. I think that pursuing medicine is what I really want, but I don’t want to commit a mortal sin. And I have went to confession several times, trying to defeat the sin. So what do you guys think that I should do? I have quite a hard time trying to figure it out.

Thanks for answering. God bless!


If you’re good at something I believe that this is a gift from God, a grace and so it’s right that you should show God what you’ve done and thank Him for that gift. Boasting to others is a lot to do with approval imho, I think we should be seeking the approval of God and not others but you need to remind yourself of that often, and perhaps articulately just before you boast!
The approval of others is nice but what is really important is what God thinks of you. That might help, it helps me.


Thank you, that was helpful! :slight_smile: God bless you!


God bless you and may peace be with you.


ANY good that you do is from God. Just remember before you say anything about yourself in a bragging way say “BY the Grace of God” I made a good grade, etc. That may help you put it into perspective.


Thank you! That is so true! God bless you!


It will certainly help to have high marks when you become a doctor. But whenever you experience pride, remember the other qualities a doctor needs and try to work on those. Patience, compassion; organizational skills, dealing with unpleasant things etc.


I think you are mixing up pride as sinful, with pride as the self satisfaction of doing something positive. Pride becomes a sin when puts one’s own thoughts and actions above the laws of God. I guess you could say, when one considers oneself better than God. Pride in one’s own accomplishments is a horse of a different color. Being proud of one’s actions is healthy. We should strive to be the best we can be, to use the gifts given us to the best of our ability, and be proud of ourselves (and thankful to God for those gifts) when we succeed. Now, boasting to one’s peers isn’t a sin, but it just might make you look that horse of a different color’s a**.


Believe me, you won’t have any of those problems in medical school.
You’ll work like a dog for six years -
And you’ll be with students just like you or better, grade wise and studying.


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