Dealings in Relationships

My girlfriend and I have been dating for almost 7 months. In the first few months we have been physically intimate, but recently we have been struggling to keep our relationship chaste. My girlfriend is a catholic and so am I, however, she is straying away from the faith ever since she was young. She did not grow up with the same formation I had recieved and I am praying constantly that her faith is strengthened. When it comes to controversial topics such as gays and lesbians she is adamant in with her views and believes the catholic faith hates these people. I tell her time and time again that the faith does not hate the person but the sin, and that I can not support their actions.

In the next year my girlfriend and I will be possibly attending the same university, and we will therefore have more freedom to be together, but that is what i am uncertain about. She is not a virgin and I am and intend to keep it that way until marriage. However, sometimes i feel like the fact she is not a virgin gives me an excuse to have premarital sex. She knows and wants me to continue to keep my innocence, but sometimes i am tempted to let it go. With the upcoming school year, and the more freedom we will be having how can i continue to be in a chaste relationship with her? How can I properly deal with this temptation without losing the one who is so close to my heart?

Any advice is greatly appreciated!

The part I bolded is what I think is highly concerning about this relationship. My advice, though perhaps not popular, is to think about whether or not it is prudent to your faith and your future to continue this relationship. Drastic differences in faith like these take a toll long-term, and I would urge you to pray about your relationship.

Thanks AlTheCollegeGal! It has been a topic we do discuss that does not result in a heated argument. She knows I am not backing down from my faiths teachings in that matter. I do know, and she knows, that this topic will be present but not enough to break us. Prayers are greatly appreciated! Thanks again

Well, you maintain your own morals the same way you would if you had a good friend that committed any other sinful act. If you had a friend that robbed stores would it make it ok for you to join them in robbing stores? You have to try to maintain your morals or else leave the relationship if you find it to be an occasion of sin.

I completely agree. Children may be a far off idea, but this will come up when it comes to raising them in the Catholic faith. Pray, pray, and when in doubt, pray some more!


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