Dear Abby get its right one time

I gave up Dear Abby when her mother wrote it because they are so far gone on most issues but here is today’s column.


DEAR ABBY: My mother-in-law – I’ll call her “Irene” – refers to our 3-year-old daughter, “Amber,” as “sexy.” When she buys clothing for Amber, she will say, “This is sexy.” When Amber was younger and would pull up her dress in play, Irene would say, “Are you trying to be sexy?” Luckily, when it has happened, Amber either didn’t hear or remember her comments.

I’m afraid if we don’t put a stop to it, Irene will continue saying these things. Maybe she thinks it’s cute, but I would like to keep my little girl innocent as long as I can. My husband agrees with me, but he’s afraid of offending his mother. Why would a grandmother call her young granddaughter “sexy”? Please advise. – AMBER’S MOMMY IN CLEVELAND

DEAR MOMMY: Your mother-in-law may have a limited vocabulary, or she may be projecting her adult feelings onto Amber – not realizing that children her granddaughter’s age do not experience sexual feelings the way adults do.

Whatever Irene’s reasoning, I agree that her comments are inappropriate, and she should be told to cut them out. With marketing, advertising and media the way they are today, your little girl will be bombarded with promotional messages in which sex is a sales tool before she hits kindergarten. She doesn’t need to be sexually objectified by her grandmother, too.

Dear Abby got it right one other time, back in the eighties, when she counseled a miserable wife whose husband was addicted to pornography. The woman had asked the question, “With a real live woman available to him, he prefers to look at that stuff. What’s wrong with me that he doesn’t want me?”

Abby replied, “There’s nothing wrong with you. He’s the one who’s wrong. He is a sexual addict. He’s using pornography the way junkies use drugs or alcoholics use alcohol. For the sake of your sanity and your marriage, get him into counseling.”

This was before she went off the track in dispensing reasonably good advice.

What do you want to bet the grandmother in the OP has read and bought into Alfred Kinsey’s poisonous so-called research, in which he claimed people are sexual from birth? If one is curious to know more, This Rock ran a group of articles about his insidious writings and how they were not based on anything resembling real research. The articles may be accessed here)Reader discretion advised; this is unsuitable for children and unpleasant for adults):

Yours in Christ,

I’ve heard people say even cruder things than that, even about newborns, trying to be cute or whatever. What are they thinking? Just not thinking?

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