Dear Abby is standing up FOR GAY MARRIAGE


Ugh. Thats all I have to say.



Of course. The media elite are the mouthpieces for the LGBT movement. Here is where it is going:

The goal is to remove concepts of decency, shame, guilt and sin. You’re OK and I’m OK but if you’re a Christian that believes the Bible is the Word of God, you’re not OK.

My God did not tell me to hate anyone.

God bless,


Since the original Dear Abby has been battling Alzheimer’s disease and her daughter took over the column, it is very obvious that her daughter definitely has more liberal ideas…more reasons to pray.


The original Dear Abby and her dearly departed twin, Ann Landers, have always been in favor of so-called gay marriage and other things of that nature, to my memory. No surprise here.


No surprise. I stopped reading the column years ago. It’s gotten more vocal in recent years.


In a way, this is not a bad development.

I would much rather have these self-appointed experts come right out with stating positions like this than have them remain coy, and try to undermine the family through, as it were, stealth attacks.

Abby’s for gay marriage? Okay, so cross her off the list of having anything to contribute to the fight to protect and nurture the family, and contribute to its well-being. Now we know.




The saddest thing was the groom who wrote in that his gay brother refused to best man or even attend the wedding because he did not have the same “right”. She apparently was symapthetic to the gay guy when she should have pointed out how selfish he was being. Would an infertile sister be okay in refusing to be godmother or even attending a baptism because she is not a parent?


Yes, the original Abby and Ann-- and whoever is writing their columns now-- were also pro-abortion and plugged Planned Parenthood in their columns for years (i.e. advising teens to go there w/o their parents knowledge to get on the pill, have abortions, etc).



I’m not at all surprised. Bill O’Reilly has been talking about how the media are overwhelmingly Secular Progressive, and Ann Landers and Dear Abby were that way a long time ago.


Gay marriage is an abomination. It makes a mockery of the sacrament of matrimony. To support Gay marriage is to undermine the morals of society that were founded on a belief in God.


I agree with her.
True love transcends the boundries of gender, and should be accepted by society.


While I agree that the federal government has no place deciding who can and can’t get married, I believe that it is a sin and society should not accept it, like premarital sex or adultery.


Good for her


One is left with the question: How can love that finds a disordered expression, that is, one which is not in concert with the design of the God who created us, be characterized as “true”?

And where does one draw the line, if one admits this love is “true”? Can one then say that the “love” of the sado-masochistic pair of consenting adults who see fit to express their “love” through unrestrained violent assault, is also “true” and to be “appreciated by society”? And when 2 married people forsake their spouses and families, and run off with each other because of what happens when they are naked together in bed, are we to cite their erstwhile right to happiness (never mind the injured and forsaken) and accept this “true” love?

The common error is to agree that humanity is fallen, in will, intellect, discipline, everything – except, it seems, the ability to love, be loved, and express love. Sorry to burst the balloon, but history is overflowing with evidence that human love fell, too.




Why? The LGBT community is already looking beyond gay marriage to a mix or match, any number will do, free for all.

God bless,


Oh we are really? I’m gay and i’m not for multiple partners, and could you find a more biased site?


Of the 20 or so individuals I’ve known who are sexually active bisexuals, 18 are also polyamorous (that is, for the unaware, multiple partnerings with overlapping time), usually one of each gender.

I’ve known two heterosexual clusters involved in polyamory; G&L are married, and G has an occasional girlfriend as well, while L has a live-in BF (J) referred to as her second spouse; G, while fond of J as a person, is not sexually involved with J; G, L, & J form one family unit of many years.

The other cluster was pure polyandry; she had 3 “husbands” at once, in different houses. She rotated; they each were exclusive to her.

Another example situation was a woman involved with a (legally) married couple; she was engaging in sexual acts with both the husband and wife, individually and jointly. And all three were open about the relationship.

Most of the Gay or Lesbian individuals I know are seeking long-term life partners for monogamous relationships.


The Catholic Church teaches that homosexuality is wrong. The Church teaches that Gay Marriage is wrong. Homosexuality is explicitly condemned in the Bible. Homosexuality is not natural. No follower of Christ can be an active and practicing homosexual.

How a Christian endorse this behaviour is beyond me. It is quite clear that this behaviour is a sin. God killed the men of Sodom for this.

I do not hate people who suffer from homosexual inclinations. I hate the sin. I pray that all homosexuals find peace in Christ and come to live a life of celebacy.


Can a follower in Christ engage in sex outside marriage?


Can a follower in Christ engage in sex outside marriage?

This is also a sin.

When I wrote the post above, I was referring to the people who condone and promote homosexuality as an alternative lifestyle. There have been some people on this thread who have supported gay marriage and homosexuality in general. They are wrong. They should not support this behaviour.

Catholics should not condone any form of sexual immorality.

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