Dear brothers and sisters : Thoughts about how prayer works


My dear friends

About how prayer works

God gives us His Living Spirit of Holy Love, and this Spirit prays in us and through us to the Word of Love offering our prayers of love. The Word of Love in turn presents our love to our Sweet Loving Heavenly Father. And He in turn gives us more of His Love which is the Living Holy Spirit. This process is meant to be a perpetual cycle and can be if we desire it. And over time if we continue to cooperate with the Spirit of Love this perpetual cycle of love transforms us more and more into the loving beings we were always meant to be – Saints.

What are your thoughts?

God bless you all abundantly dear friends:thumbsup::slight_smile:



Dear John,

I love your reflective thoughts.
I was wondering if you could elaborate on how the Spirit of Holy Love prays in us?
I try to make my life my prayer to God by trying to understand and trust Him knowing that He knows best.


I agree! Prayer is my favorite thing to do! Thank you so much John for all of your posts, sometimes they come at the perfect time. Just wondering though, how do you think the Saints fit into this idea?


My dear friends simple soul and prayerchanges

I think the Holy Spirit is all powerful but also very gentle. So gentle you’d think He was not omnipotent as He operates within us. We think we are responsible for all our prayers and good works but take away the Holy Spirit and His grace which He dispenses from within and we can do no good. We become the most miserable and hopeless sinner incapable of even one good deed. He whispers quietly within us and we can’t audibly hear this always but this whisper is like a command for us to pray or do some good work. We are free to agree and cooperate but we cannot do the good without the grace He gives us to complete the task He has commanded us to do. It’s good to see ourselves as servants of the Holy Spirit carrying out His will whenever we do any good, and to remember the good was done at His request and with His help, so much help we could not even begin to do the good without His help- which is the living and life giving love we call grace. The more we cooperate with Him and His grace the more real we become- the more we are transformed into the being we were always meant to be, the more human we become- the more we become the person we’re meant to be. We become a saint which is a person who lives very naturally and in harmony with nature.

Hope this answers your questions.

May God bless you abundantly:thumbsup::slight_smile:



I think what you say is true, but I also believe that it’s not just about God and me, but about bringing others into that love.

I think about prayer in this way. God has Infinite Mercy and Grace that He is waiting to shower upon us, but He won’t force it on us. We must ask for it, and we also must be open to receiving it. By praying for others, and by asking for our own needs, we open the floodgates of His Mercy and Grace upon us and on others.


My dear friend

Thanks for your insight and comments. Have you factored in that God gives us His living Holy Spirit and grace before we ask and even though we deserve the opposite, so we can pray, do good works and be saved? And if we asked for the Spirit before reception it was only under the influence of grace we could do this. Jesus died for us whle we were still in our sins !!! We can’t even ask for what we need from God without his grace to help us. Do you agree, or what are your thoughts dear friend?

God bless you :thumbsup::slight_smile:



Yes, I agree. For it is only in the Holy Spirit that we can even say “Jesus is Lord!”


That is very very good.



Glad youlike it dear friend.

God bless you:thumbsup::slight_smile:


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