"Dear Fr Joe: Can I Be a Politician and a Catholic?" What the priest said when asked this


Q. I’m thinking of going into politics someday… What if I disagree about something such as abortion or the use of our military?

The priest answered saying
"It’s a sad reflection of our country that the Catholic Church is often criticized for “using its influence” to tell politicians how they should vote. I believe that the official way to respond to that kind of statement is, “That’s garbage.”

No one tells people that their family or their upbringing shouldn’t affect them as politicians…

“When we get to abortion, we’re hitting on one of those subjects where there simply is no wiggle room… On this issue, there can be no compromise and no equivocation; abortion is immoral and a crime and we can never support it in any way, shape or form.”

“When Catholics are elected to public office or when Catholics go to the polls to vote, they take their consciences with them. … Anyone who professes the Catholic faith with his lips while at the same time publicly supporting legislation or candidates that defy God’s law makes a mockery of that faith and belies his identity as a Catholic.”

It’s much better to serve in an appointed position. You wield more influence behind the scenes and have an actual concrete skill that you can use when your party is out of office.

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