Dear Hollywood: "We’re sick of the lies..."


**Mission Impossible?

The media today would have us believe that it’s impossible to be abstinent, that we have no control over our passions and desires. It’s “unnatural” to wait for marriage to have sex. We’re nothing but slaves to our hormones.

We’re sick of the lies.

In association with Visualize Love, we introduce the “Dear Hollywood” YouTube

The text in bold was actually taken from my friends blog Be sure to check it out and learn more about this movement! I would also ask of you to please help us spread this message to promote chastity! The videos have also been posted on Faith&Family… A website I’m sure many of you know about. But like I said before… please help us to just continue spreading this positive message! Whatever you can do whether it be posting it on facebook, twitter, your blog, your website, emailing it to friends, or anything else you can think of…that would be a major blessing!

Thanks and God Bless!


This is a great message…I wish they had this when I was growing up…Not one person ever talked to me about sex(and not having it)…I’m going to pass this along to people I know with teens…


Bravo! :tiphat:



The devil is the father of all liars, Hollywood included.!!
Don;t you get it–we are in the image of God,
the devil wants to destroy this image and redicule it!:(:frowning:
Telling your friends, blaming some one else,
saying’’ ainnnnnn’t it arwful ‘’ won’t stop the selling of sex. :frowning:
Only you can stop it by not buying the product, not buying the movie ticket,
not supporting the TV show.
And… dress you daughters in modest clothing.
At the last football banquet we attended were nicely dressed ladies
with teenage daughters dressed as whores!!:frowning:
Its so cute to see baby dressed up in sexy clothes, :frowning:
maybe she will be a cheerleader!!:frowning:

Hollywood is interested in only :(one thing MONEY not sex


Praise God. I hope this continues to grow, and I will pray for this campaign.

Spread the word, everyone!


My idea for an upcoming fun evening at home: A viewing of Bella and a good pizza! I hope more movies like Bella and Fireproof come out, especially Bella-like movies. :thumbsup:


Great message ,I am waiting for marriage at the tender age of thirty something .Wish more people could here it .


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